With the networking features of gridscale you are well prepared

A cloud without a network? Unthinkable! Data is transported over long distances around the globe, and the data packets make their way through small and large networks. The topic of networking is therefore omnipresent and every one of us is dependent on these networks. Computer networks are differentiated according to size and geographical extent. They exist in gigantic form like a GAN (Global Area Network) or on a small and local scale like a PAN (Personal Area Network), with the sizes WAN, MAN and the well-known Local Area Network in between. A distinction is also made between private and public networks. Who hasn’t connected to the Internet at a hotel or café before? And the expansion of public spaces is also progressing steadily. This is good and practical, but you should also protect yourself as well as possible. For cybercriminals, public networks are often popular targets.

Cloud computing as we no longer want to miss it today, we owe not least to the continuous progress of the Internet and the many clever minds who have worked on its protocols and continue to work. The cloud server field is no longer a small area and we at gridscale work daily to ensure that many more innovations follow.

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