How To: Marketplace 2.0 – Create and publish applications

Click-click-ready! You also want to create, unlock and use new applications on our new Marketplace so easily? No problem! We’ll show you how to get the most out of our Marketplace.

In our Marketplace, you could previously use various applications provided by us. To give you more freedom, we have added new features to the Marketplace. With Marketplace 2.0 you now have the possibility to create and deposit new applications of your choice. This gives you more flexibility and the freedom to integrate your own software into your cloud solution. But that’s not all! You can now make your applications available to other gridscale customers. How it all works, you will learn in the following.


To store an application of your choice in the Cloud Panel, you need to upload it as a bucket to our object storage.

To do this, create a server with connected storage at gridscale.

Step 1

First, navigate to Object Storage and create an empty bucket.

Step 2

Give your bucket a name and click Create.

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Step 3

Next, navigate to Storage from the menu bar. Then create a snapshot.

If you need help creating a snapshot, see this tutorial.

Export the snapshot to the previously created Object Storage

Select the export destination and the correct destination bucket, and click Export Snapshot.

You are now ready to create your application on the Marketplace.

Deploying an Application

Navigate to the Marketplace and click Create Application.

Next you need to fill in the mandatory fields: It is important that you have an image or logo for your application to upload.

Once you have filled in the mandatory fields, you are ready to submit your application.

As already mentioned, publishing your application to all customers is possible. To do this, you will need to fill in some vital information: a license, terms of use, launch information, and components included in the software.

Then click: Create Application.

A publication of the application on the gridscale panel requires a contact via e-mail to for approval of the publication on the marketplace.
Before releasing your software to the marketplace, gridscale will check its functionality for security reasons.

Try it yourself

One of the advantages of the Marketplace is that as a Gridscale customer, you can also act as an independent software vendor (ISV). In addition, our partners can share the applications of their choice with their accounts. These are applications published by gridscale as well as by other partners. Furthermore, as our customer, you have all your applications bundled in your cloud. This simplifies your work as the applications are already there, making you much more effective and saving time.
Have fun with it!