Create a snapshot

A snapshot is a snapshot of your server that is taken at a specific point in time. If your system crashes or is attacked, you can easily restore it with a snapshot.

In this how to, we will show you how to create a snapshot, create automated snapshot plans, rollback from the snapshot, and export your snapshot to object storage.


Create a server with attached storage.

Step-by-step guide

1. Navigate to your storage

Snapshot erstellen Storage aufrufen

2. Click on “Create snapshot”

Snapshot erstellen Neuer Snapshot
Snapshot wird erstellt

The snapshot is then displayed in the storage.

Create rollback from snapshot

1. Click on the “Rollback snapshot” icon

⚠️ Note: This works only when the server is turned off.

2. Confirm the rollback of the storage

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Exporting a snapshot to object storage

You can also easily export a snapshot to an object storage. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the three dots in the snapshot and select “Export to Object Storage”

Snapshot erstellen exportieren

2. Export your snapshot to a bucket of your choice.

If you haven’t created a bucket yet, you still need to do so.

Snapshot erstellen Bucket auswählen

⚠️ Note: The export may take a few minutes.

Snapshot erstellen Hintergrundaufgabe

3. Navigate to the Object Storage and select the correct bucket

Snapshot erstellen Bucket Navigation

4. Click on “exports” in your bucket

You will now see all exported objects, including your snapshot.

Snapshot erstellen Exportierte Objeckte

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Create snapshot plan

Besides single snapshots, you also have the possibility to automate your snapshots. You can choose between hourly time intervals and snapshots once a month.

1. Click on “Create Snapshot Plan

Snapshot erstellen Storage aufrufen

2. Name your Snapshot plan

Also, set the appropriate time interval and specify the number of snapshots to be created.

Snapshot Plan erstellen

3. After that the created snapshot plan will be displayed in your storage.