Transparent Cloud Pricing Model

We use transparent pricing that lets you pay only for what you use. In addition, personalised consumption charts ensure maximum integrity.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Time and usage-based accounting of all resources

gridscale offers the ideal IaaS and PaaS solutions for anyone who no longer wants to make complex capacity forecasts. Instead, book the number of resources you need or rely on our auto-scaling for tremendous flexibility. Moreover, you never pay too much because resources get charged per minute.

Transparent display of your usage

We offer you full price transparency for the services you use. For example, you can track the usage of all active and inactive components in real-time and get an overview of your monthly costs simultaneously. In addition, you can monitor your consumption behaviour via personal consumption charts.

Our Products


Cloud Server

from 0.027 €/hr

For your seamlessly scalable infrastructure, deployed in real-time. Configure your setup in minutes with our simple, intuitive GUI.

Managed Kubernetes

from 0.195 €/hr

Automate your deployment processes with simple handling. Save costs, time and nerves – Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment have never been easier!

GPU Instances

from 2.50 €/hr

Use the full power of the high-performance
NVIDIA A100 Tensor CPU, integrated into your cloud infrastructure for your deep or machine learning projects.


SSD Cloud Storage

from 0.0065 €/day

We combine the advantages of fast flash storage with the security of distributed storage, guaranteeing maximum data security across three availability zones.

Object Storage

from 0.0014 €/day

… with a compatible S3 interface guarantees simple storage of your data. Use the integration into gridscale’s cloud infrastructure to create automated data backups.

File System

from 0.0051 €/day

The elastic file system gridFs makes your data available – wherever you need it. A central data repository that you’ll never have to worry about again, and that always keeps your data at hand.


Cloud Load Balancer

from 0.75 €/day

Distribute incoming requests evenly across your cloud infrastructure using managed load balancers to achieve the highest availability with the best performance.

Private Networks

free of charge!

Create private networks and easily map even complex infrastructures. Moreover, they get protected against unauthorised eavesdropping so that personal things remain securely private.

Cloud Firewall

free of charge!

Protect your IT services with just a few clicks. Rulesets and intelligent templates help you avoid mundane work while maintaining full infrastructure performance.


Private Cloud

from 6.28 €/hr

Use our modern cloud stack, with which your data always remains under your control. Create virtual locations for temporary use or use the gridscale Hybrid Core for your own data centre.

Managed Databases

from 1.30 €/day

You choose your favourite database software, and we take care of monitoring the performance, backing up your data and updating the software.

Complete Pricelist

Are you interested in our up-to-the-minute prices for our products, licenses, services and locations? No problem – download our pricelist as a PDF (3.28 MB) now, free of charge and without obligation.

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