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  • Machine Room – November 2021

    With the new Platform Service gridFS you are now able to set up a Fileserver to share files and folders across your network. Also new is the Location Explorer, which allows you to view the available resources at different locations.

  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

    Infrastructure as Code with Terraform We introduce: the official Terraform Provider for gridscale! Our provider for Terraform has recently left the preview phase, as well as the technical review by HashiCorp , behind and is now available as an official provider. The paradigm Infrastructure as Code has been established in companies for a long time …

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  • Docker and PaaS – together perfect!

    In the IT world, Docker has now established itself as a de facto standard and is enormously important due to its functionality in the modern development environment. It is free software developed by Docker, Inc. Docker is based on Linux containers in which individual services are isolated. So it is a platform for packaging, distributing …

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  • How to: connect gridscale Kubernetes Cluster & PaaS

    We recently released our Managed Kubernetes solution, which gives our customers completely new opportunities in orchestration of container infrastructures. To use the full possibilities of gridscale-Kubernetes a connection with our PaaS makes sense. In the following article, we will show you how to make this connection efficiently and easily and what advantages this procedure has. …

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  • Kubernetes – All about Clusters, Pods and Kubelets

    Due to the increasing complexity of IT infrastructures, monolithic software solutions seem to be less and less suitable to represent modern systems. Monolithic solutions are often too complex and inflexible. Meanwhile there are much better methods and applications of this concept. The so-called microservices are basically nothing more than monolithic structures that are broken down …

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  • The new gridscale Backup Center

    After we recently launched our new marketplace, the next release is already waiting for you: the new gridscale Backup Center! We offer a central point for all your gridscale backups: simple management, intuitive usability and as always, absolute security. New functions The core element of our backup centers is automation! In order to relieve you …

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  • ISO 27001: Trust is good, certification is better

    IT security and data protection are fundamental cornerstones for every cloud provider. But how do companies know that what is promised on the website is true? This is where certification authorities come in, checking and certifying the facts. Examples of particularly relevant certifications in the industry are ISO 27001, one of the most important international …

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  • Rocket Storage – A class of its own

    Today we would like to introduce our new storage class – the Rocket Storage. The Rocket Storage is now available as a selection option in our Public Panel, in addition to our established Object and Distributed Storage classes. But what exactly is Rocket Storage, what are the use cases and how does it differ from …

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  • Our Roadmap 2021

    As a follow up to a great 2020, I want to provide some more insights as to what can be expected for the rest of the year 2021. I will focus on two different target groups – partner and public cloud. As a partner you offer solutions to your customers, built using our technology, so …

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  • How to SDN 1/2 (Virtual Switch)

    Want to share a private network across multiple projects? In this tutorial, we will show you how to make this possible using SDN. We will connect two projects via a private network (a virtual switch) as an example. Conditions To use SDN, you need a partner panel or access to it. SDN is not available …

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  • Machine Room – October 2021


    Panel Redesign We’ve refreshed the interfaces of our Managed Platform Services, gridStore and gridSQL. Along with offering a brief overview of what you can perform within each section, we’ve attached the relevant tutorial links and the product documentation. We also plan to systematically update the panel sections in order to further unify our interface. VNC …

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  • Machine Room – August 2021


    Hotplugging Deprecation As announced earlier, the panel no longer allows you to edit the cores and memory configurations for a running server. To change the configuration, you must first power off the server. Partner Panel As part of our efforts to unify our terminology, we’re gradually changing some terms over the coming weeks. For instance, …

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