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Maschinenraum – February 2022

There is an important breaking change in our Object Storage API. Also, a completely redesigned Cloud Panel, the new Platform Service gridFs and numerous updates.
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The New Unified Cloud Panel

We are constantly working to make our products even more intuitive and user-friendly, which is why we have revised and simplified our panels.
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2021 Wrap-up

Welcome to our 2021 wrap-up, where I will take you through some major milestones at gridscale. I’ll also quickly give some insights into how each …
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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform We introduce: the official Terraform Provider for gridscale! Our provider for Terraform has recently left the preview phase, as well as the …
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The new gridscale Backup Center

The new gridscale Backup Center After we recently launched our new marketplace, the next release is already waiting for you: the new gridscale Backup Center! We …
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