Success Stories

Thousands of medium-sized companies and managed service providers already rely on gridscale for the implementation and operation of their digital projects – from high-traffic web stores to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. Even better: With the Hybrid Core software, data center operators even become cloud providers themselves, reach new target groups and generate additional revenue. Curious about the exciting projects our customers and partners are implementing? Let us inspire you!

Our partners

As gridscale partners, these companies rely on our technology and expertise to resale cloud solutions to end customers – without any technical know-how or specialist staff with expert knowledge. The gridscale White Label Cloud transforms into your cloud in no time. 


Cloud platform for managed services

solvito GmbH
IT Services and IT Consulting

Key Results

  1. Strategic platform for managed services
  2. Full cost transparency
  3. Personal service at eye level

Cloud offering for hardware experts

Server manufacturer and IT service provider

Key Results

  1. New business and customer retention
  2. Quick start instead of in-house development
  3. The industry pioneer in hybrid IT

Virtual Datacenter with Swiss Seal of Approval

hosttech GmbH
Web hosting and data center services

Key Results

  1. Expansion of the hosting offer
  2. Integration of own data center
  3. Cloud partner in the gridscale ecosystem

The agency cloud for innovative IoT projects

keeen GmbH
Agency & Advertising Services

Key Results

  1. High availability during performance peaks
  2. Convenient project & client handling
  3. Maximize upselling and customer retention

New cloud strategies for ICT providers

ICT Distributor & IT Service Provider

Key Results

  1. Public cloud in their corporate design
  2. Maximum security and availability
  3. Customized configurations

Successful cloud reselling for midmarket companies

ASMO IT-Systemhaus GmbH
IT Security & Managed Services

Key Results

  1. Development of new sales potential
  2. Focus on sales and marketing
  3. Cloud migration in days instead of months

Our customers

Whether it’s a transport association, SaaS provider or creative think tank, medium-sized company or innovative geek squad – every one of our customers benefits from the simple handling of the gridscale solution on the way to the cloud! Set up in just a few minutes, gridscale takes your IT operations to a completely new level.


From cloud skeptic to cloud-native

OGiTiX Software AG
Identity & Access Management

Key Results

  1. Easy to manage for a small development team
  2. Easy and fast provisioning of VMs
  3. No holding costs for VMs

More time and energy for creative work and customer care

Quantumfrog GmbH
Agency & Software Development

Key Results

  1. More time for agency business
  2. Convenient client management
  3. System migration in a few days
Hirmer Collage

Successful e-commerce in the fashion industry

Hirmer GmbH & Co. KG
Retail: Clothing and Fashion

Key Results

  1. Seamless online experience for customers
  2. High-performance online stores
  3. Complete data migration in no time

Local traffic in the cloud around the clock

Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund
Public transport

Key Results

  1. Fast response at >1 million hits/mo.
  2. Flexible scaling for performance peaks
  3. Integration of real-time & passenger data
Service provider

Bride in the cloud

Wedding service provider

Key Results

  1. Consequent user friendliness
  2. Complete cost transparency
  3. Automatic resource scaling

Global merchandise management in stores and online retailing

International retailer

Key Results

  1. High availability during performance peaks
  2. Immediate scaling of all resources
  3. Significant cost reduction
System house

The eLearning Cloud for the Digital Classroom

LINET Services GmbH
IT system house

Key Results

  1. Arbitrarily scalable for 12,000+ students
  2. Fail-safe and 100 % DSGVO compliant
  3. Automated resource allocation

The intelligent car as a networked SmartCar for all

ThinxNet GmbH
Software Development & SaaS

Key Results

  1. Real-time application interactions
  2. KRITIS and DSGVO compliance
  3. Orchestration as Infrastructure-as-Code

Smart cloud for the smart city of the future

IT services & Internet-of-Things

Key Results

  1. Secure IoT services for municipalities
  2. Highly elastic sensor measurement response
  3. >450 million datasets from ~1,500 devices

Intelligent invoice management from the cloud

Software Development & SaaS

Key Results

  1. Complete cloud migration in just 3 days
  2. More time for their core business gained back
  3. 100 % DSGVO compliant data storage

This is how audit-proof mail archiving works today

inoxision GmbH
Software Development & SaaS

Key Results

  1. Data retrieval in milliseconds
  2. Arbitrary storage growth in real time
  3. Auditability and DSGVO compliance

Reliable contract management with maximum security

otris Software AG
Software Development & SaaS

Key Results

  1. Development to SaaS provider
  2. Arbitrary scaling without downtime
  3. 100 % availability guarantee