More time for creative work thanks to the gridscale cloud

Quantumfrog consolidates hosting for web projects with gridscale

As a multi-award-winning digital agency, Quantumfrog offers a wide range of services in the areas of serious gaming, mobile apps, online stores and websites. In addition to conception and development, the Oldenburg-based company also takes care of the IT operations of its customers’ projects. When managing numerous providers and infrastructures became a burden, Quantumfrog opted for gridscale’s public cloud. The easy-to-use platform finally gives the digital agency more time for its core business: the creation of digital solutions

Quantumfrog is a digital agency from Oldenburg. Started in 2011 as a forge for browser games, the 24-member team now develops and manages mobile apps, games and complete web and online store projects.

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Numerous B2B customers from many different industries (e.g. online retailers, publishers, research institutions, from startups to medium-sized businesses to global corporations)

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The goal
Agency customers not only expect creative ideas, but also one hundred percent reliability in the operation of their apps, websites and stores. Quantumfrog wants to automate its IT processes to a large extent and was looking for a partner who could effectively relieve them of hosting. In addition to high availability and security, the cloud platform should make the management of various customer instances simple and clear, while automatically scaling IT resources as needed.

When it comes to IT operations for the countless customer systems, Quantumfrog struggles with the dilemma that standard hosting packages are either usually too big or too small. This means: either too little performance or too high costs. Even the large hyperscalers offer no alternative: the range of functions of their complex platforms far exceeds the agency’s needs, and personal service is also lacking.

The solution
With gridscale’s public cloud, Quantumfrog has found the optimal cloud offering for itself and its business customers. The platform offers state-of-the-art cloud functions and automatically scales IT performance for customer projects. At the same time, operation remains clear and focused on the essentials. Together with personal support, managed services for application operation and 100% availability, Quantumfrog and its customers benefit from smooth and cost-efficient IT operations.

Key Results

More time for the core agency business


Convenient management of accounts and projects

System migration in just a few days

We appreciate the very personal support from gridscale. The German support is pleasant and important to us. The interaction with the managed services provider that gridscale arranged for us also works out just perfectly!

Hendrik Rump, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Quantumfrog

Starting point and key objectives

Meanwhile, the Quantumfrog team can look back on hundreds of successful projects. In 2011, three founders started in Oldenburg’s Technology and Startup Center with the development of a first sci-fi card game for the browser. The creative team, now numbering 24, is still delighting its customers with smart online and mobile games, and increasingly with gamification solutions for business customers.

In addition to multiple awards, Quantumfrog received the German Computer Game Award for the best serious game as recently as 2018. In 2021, the agency and its partner Honig Studios jointly won the first prize in the category of best family game. More recently in 2022, two serious games in cooperation with Telekom Security GmbH – Digitale Security Parcours and Digitale Security Poker – were both awarded gold at the ComenuisEduMedia Award.

The Oldenburg-based company has long since applied its gaming DNA and its expertise in 2D and 3D representations to other innovative online projects, especially mobile apps, the augmented reality sector, and the design of online stores, complex 3D product configurators, and websites.

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Decouple creative growth and hosting effort

However, as the success grew, so did the administrative overhead of hosting customer projects. “After more than a decade, the different providers and infrastructures began to slow us down,” reports co-founder and CEO Hendrik Rump.

If a customer reports that the online store is running slowly, for example, a complicated troubleshooting process begins: Which hoster is running the affected servers? Or are they located at the customer’s site? Is the application managed by an external service provider? Who needs to be contacted and who needs to take action?

The need for agencies like Quantumfrog to largely automate hosting and IT management tasks and keep them as simple as possible is correspondingly great.

But the cloud market offers hardly any suitable offers for medium-sized service providers: “Standard packages from hosters are either too small or far too large. Instances quickly reach their performance limits or cause high costs due to unused resources,” explains Rump. It is true that the public clouds of the large hyperscalers offer full flexibility. “But everything is far too complicated. As a creative agency, we lack the expertise to optimally manage customer infrastructures on these platforms,” says Rump.

For the online store of the customer, Quantumfrog was looking for a public cloud that automatically adjusts the required IT capacities to the current demand and makes controlling cloud instances simple and clear, without unnecessary ballast. The customer also values high data protection standards and German server locations. The online store and database should be redundant for maximum availability and an optimal user experience.

Standard packages from hosters are either too small or far too large. Instances quickly reach their performance limits or cause high costs due to unused resources.

– Hendrik Rump


The project had already started at the beginning of 2020, but the previous provider offered neither the desired level of automation nor the flexibility in accessing IT resources. In 2022, Quantumfrog therefore decided to switch to the public cloud from gridscale. The platform’s ease of use already paid off during the migration: “When we gave our go-ahead on Friday, all customer systems had been moved less than a week later. We couldn’t have done that with any other provider,” says Managing Director Rump.

As with other projects, Quantumfrog is working with a managed services provider on to maintain and monitor customer systems in the cloud. “Unlike the complex US clouds, gridscale simplifies the division of labor with IT partners quite significantly,” says Rump. For example, in addition to the clear dashboard, the platform offers its own client management for different customer instances.

Clearly manage cloud clients for customer projects

“Other hosting providers or IT service providers usually don’t allow access to the backend in managed services, otherwise you have to take care of everything yourself,” says Rump. “In gridscale’s cloud, we can flexibly decide whether and to what extent customers control their systems themselves. The user interface is so simple that service providers, our team and our customers can quickly find their way around,” says Rump. The agency creates future customer instances via the partner panel and thus always has a clear overview of the infrastructure operation of various projects.

gridscale’s public cloud is much clearer and easier to use than the big platforms and still offers all the functions we need as an agency.

– Hendrik Rump


In practice, the new public cloud provides effective relief for Quantumfrog: “Our cloud scales the IT resources for the store database fully automatically. The customer benefits from high availability during peak loads and at the same time sees that he only pays for the performance he actually calls up.”

It is particularly important to the agency that it has a fixed contact person for all questions about the cloud: “We appreciate the very personal support from gridscale. The German support is pleasant and important to us. The interaction with the managed services provider, which gridscale arranged for us, also works out perfectly,” emphasizes Rump.

The decision-makers at Quantumfrog see the gridscale platform as an opportunity to consolidate the infrastructure side of their business. “With partners like this behind us, we are now tackling the virtualization of our system landscape and making our development processes even more agile,” says Rump. “This gives us the freedom to focus on our strength as an agency: developing creative solution.”

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