gridscale: Becoming a flexible and transparent hosting partner as a web agency

vom 30.01.2017

IaaS and PaaS provider gridscale from Cologne offers agencies and system houses a solution to manage both simple and complex IT hosting projects in a central location.

The agency as a link

An agency represents a link between the customer, numerous internal specialists and external service providers. When important competencies in the creation of web applications and websites are missing, web and media agencies often get involved by their clients. The lack of these competences is understandable. If you take a look at the agency life, you will find out how many experts from different disciplines are involved in a project, including designers, UX experts and web developers, up to brand and communication experts.
Still, a web project is often not yet implemented, even if it has numerous specialists. Agencies rely on external experts for this. Cloud and hosting providers are an essential component for many agencies. However, most hosting solutions are not flexible enough to be adapted to the changing needs during the course of a project. If the agency takes over a later operation, the infrastructure used most often will reach its limits at the latest. The result: high migration costs, technical compromises, a confusion of contracts, no administration of access rights and a heavy allocation of costs to customers. If you want to know how to deal with your contract and administrative muddle with gridscale and run your IT infrastructure completely free of contract terms in a time-saving manner, read this article.

If you’d ask a customer, each agency should operate its own cloud infrastructure

The one who doesn't immediately have a perfect solution for all infrastructure requirements, as an expert in the agency environment, is by no means alone. Often, in the absence of alternatives, the decision is based on a conventional end customer solutions, with partly undesirable consequences.
Henrik from gridscale explains: "In recent years, we've been supporting many agency projects as an infrastructure service provider. From our discussions, we know that agencies often face similar challenges. Hosting solutions used are intransparent and inflexible. Last but not least, there's a tremendous effort to manage dozens of projects, contracts and access data. "
This experience has motivated gridscale's team to create a specific solution to manage and develop hosting and infrastructure projects easily. This solution, especially developed for agencies and system houses, offers a reseller-capable version of gridscale's public cloud offering. So you're either going to be a cloud provider yourself or just bring some easier organization to your projects.

This is how the agency and partner area works

Once it’s created, you’ll have access to gridscale's partner portal. Here, you can control all administrative procedures centrally. With one click, you create or manage your customers and projects. Cost centers allow an individual assignment to projects, customers or departments. Integrated reporting clearly identifies all costs.
In doing so, you decide who has which access rights. For example, selected customers can log directly into the GUI, a modern drag-and-drop interface for easy management of the IT infrastructure, and make their own configurations.

Many features of gridscale, such as load balancing, S3-compliant cloud object storage, snapshots, automation, or access to the RESTful API can be conveniently enabled or disabled. In this way, each individual project can be configured exactly for the respective requirements.

Set your prices freely

You can set up your own pricing model for each customer just as flexible as configuring your individual functions. As a result, customers who manage the infrastructure themselves could benefit from lower prices for example.
Each user interface of the interface reverts to the defined conditions. For example, in the dialog for new servers, the respectively selected configuration is calculated and displayed with the stored price model. Since customer reporting is based on these conditions, the highest possible cost transparency is ensured for all parties at all times.

Central IT services for individual customers

You can connect several projects via private networks (across locations) through your partner area, using the so-called private MPLS links. This linking allows you, for example, to run your own IT services from a central location, which you want to make available to several customers. Popular examples of this are Elasticsearch, a central backup service, or firewall and monitoring systems. Thanks to the software-defined network (SDN) within your partner account, there are no limits and you can offer individual solutions to every customer. Despite this flexibility, it is guaranteed that all projects are separated clearly and secure. Each project is stored in its own domain, without shared resources and with guaranteed performance.
gridscale’s offer includes access to the agency and partner area without a contractual obligation. Infrastructure resources that you use for your projects are billed according to the minute. In addition, you always make use of the direct contact to a gridscale experts, who will help you with recommendations and best practices.

Test the agency offer

You can test the agency offer directly from gridscale's website. You will be given access to capacity of up to 2TB of SSD memory, 64 CPU cores, and 128GB memory. If these resources are not sufficient for your projects, gridscale increases these limits at any time. gridscale’s agency offer sounds interesting?

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