gridscale Cloud offers customers an expanded SaaS marketplace

Cologne, Germany, February 27, 2022 – gridscale, a Cologne-based cloud technology provider, is now offering new ready-to-run SaaS applications and developer tools to its customers through the gridscale Marketplace. Similar to a conventional app store, companies can effortlessly access thoroughly tested software tools and plug-and-play applications for various purposes such as video conferencing, content management, business process, and collaboration solutions with just a click of a mouse.

“All apps are quality-assured, run on the gridscale infrastructure and guarantee users high performance and reliability as well as fully GDPR-compliant handling of their data,” says CEO Henrik Hasenkamp, explaining the principle behind the Marketplace. “gridscale customers will find an attractive offering here for a wide range of challenges in their company.”

The latest addition to the gridscale Marketplace is SeaTable, a collaboration software that allows users to develop their business processes and workflows without having prior knowledge of programming languages.

“Seatable is a web-based no-code platform for data organization and workflow design, providing a powerful software suite for process automation,” adds Henrik Hasenkamp. “Our partnership with Seatable not only supports the development of innovative technology made-in-Germany but also allows companies to streamline their data and optimize their workflow efficiency.”

The Marketplace also offers customers and partners the opportunity to publish their independently developed tools, templates, and apps here as part of the gridscale ecosystem for use by other gridscale users, thus attracting additional customers and new business. As an alternative to commercial provision, the apps and integrations can of course also be made available only to selected internal users with defined access rights, e.g. in their own company.

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About gridscale

gridscale, the Cologne-based IaaS and PaaS provider, stands for easy-to-use and flexible cloud technologies. Via an intuitive interface, the IT infrastructure can be managed by people without in-depth IT know-how and a Kubernetes environment even facilitates the management of cloud-native workloads. Thousands of companies, agencies and managed service providers already rely on gridscale to implement and operate their digital projects – from high-traffic web shops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. White label options are available to resellers and with the gridscale software ‘Hybrid Core’ data center operators themselves can become cloud providers. gridscale with its about 100 employees is led by CEO Henrik Hasenkamp.

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