New expert study on the cloudification of data centers in SMEs released

Cologne, Germany, September 29, 2021 – gridscale, a Cologne-based cloud technology provider, and Intel have published the results of a comprehensive expert survey at no cost, providing business and IT decision-makers in medium-sized companies with important information for the further development of their internal data center IT.

The analysis is based on the assessments of renowned market analysts and consultants as well as well-known representatives of cloud service providers, technology providers and industry associations. The study examines the key parameters and success factors of cloudification from a strategic, technical and organizational perspective and is accessible free of charge to interested companies via the website

Adoption of the public cloud is progressing, but there is also a sense of disillusionment
Especially during the Corona crisis, many companies became aware of the need for particularly flexible and adaptable IT in a business environment that is changing at an ever faster pace.

“However, the cloud trend is not as one-dimensional and smooth as it might seem at first glance,” says Dr. Andreas Stiehler, IT analyst and author responsible for the expert study. “Some pioneering companies already had to painfully experience that a migration according to the principle of ‘lift and shift everything to the public cloud’ cannot work with a grown IT and highly integrated processes – as well as that services of global cloud groups are not cheap per se and may lead to considerable additional costs when compared to on-premise operation.”

Managed hybrid cloud scenarios are emerging as the model of choice
While it is somewhat tricky to make across-the-board recommendations given the diversity of conditions and objectives in the individual companies, the experts surveyed were largely in agreement on the data center modernization measures described in the study. Hyperconvergent and software-controlled IT infrastructures, hybrid cloud scenarios and operational support from specialized service providers are of particular importance here. However, at the same time, they focus on the organizational and cultural challenges inherent in a cloud transformation and the new internal tasks, roles and responsibilities associated with it.

Guidance and support on the path to cloud transformation

“Nearly all companies recognize the benefits, but are simultaneously looking for their very own path towards cloud-based and arbitrarily flexible IT,” adds Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO of gridscale GmbH. “With this new study, we are bringing the knowledge and experience of experts together who are regularly involved in the cloudification of medium-sized companies in their day-to-day work. These recommendations are intended to give decision-makers an initial orientation and help them to advance the transformation and modernization of their internal IT successfully.”

The complete study is now available as an ePaper at

About gridscale
gridscale is an IaaS and PaaS provider headquartered in Cologne. The company stands for easy-to-use and flexible cloud technologies. gridscales’ intuitive interface design empowers people without in-depth IT knowledge to manage the IT infrastructure while a Kubernetes environment facilitates the management of cloud-native workloads. Thousands of companies, agencies and managed service providers already rely on gridscale to implement and operate their digital projects – from high-traffic webshops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. White-label options are available to resellers and with the gridscale software ‘Hybrid Core’ data centre operators themselves can become cloud providers. gridscale with its about 100 employees is led by Henrik Hasenkamp and Felix Kronlage-Dammers.