High Performance Computing via the gridscale Cloud

Cologne, Germany, November 17, 2021 – The Cologne-based cloud technology provider gridscale is now offering its customers and partners gridscale GPU (Graphics Processing Units), a cloud-based service for demanding deployment scenarios in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data.

The new high-performance environment can handle computationally intensive workloads to generate meaningful analyses and algorithmically supported recommendations for action, such as in marketing, healthcare or the financial sector.

High-performance computing on demand
gridscale GPU is quick and easy to set up, billed by the minute according to usage time, and is therefore particularly suitable for time-limited project workloads.

“Our aim is to offer smaller companies, scientific institutions and developers in particular especially flexible and uncomplicated access to the modern methods of process optimization, pattern recognition and simulation”, explains gridscale CEO Henrik Hasenkamp. “GPU from gridscale eliminates the usual expensive investment and operating costs for high-performance hardware and enables all opportunities in the area of parallel data processing to be used effectively and on an as-needed basis.”

Outstanding security and customer exclusivity
The new offering is technologically based on the market-leading NVIDA A100 Tensor Core series of GPUs and is deployed as a single-tenant cloud exclusively in highly secure German Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers. Contrary to many global cloud providers, the operation is not carried out on virtualized multi-tenant systems, but rather on custom-configurable bare-metal servers, which are available to customers dedicated to their workloads or machine learning and big data applications such as TensorFlow, PyTorch and Apache Mahout.

“Not only does this significantly increase performance and efficiency, but it also makes a decisive contribution to data security”, adds Henrik Hasenkamp. “After all, this is a particularly effective way of guaranteeing absolute confidentiality and adherence to even the strictest compliance guidelines during processing, when dealing with sensitive or personal business data.”

gridscale GPU is now available as a new service for interested companies and organizations. The accompanying consulting and services enable a quick start and the ideal use of all computing resources.

About gridscale
gridscale is an IaaS and PaaS provider headquartered in Cologne. The company stands for easy-to-use and flexible cloud technologies. gridscales’ intuitive interface design empowers people without in-depth IT knowledge to manage the IT infrastructure while a Kubernetes environment facilitates the management of cloud-native workloads. Thousands of companies, agencies and managed service providers already rely on gridscale to implement and operate their digital projects – from high-traffic webshops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. White-label options are available to resellers and with the gridscale software ‘Hybrid Core’ data centre operators themselves can become cloud providers. gridscale with its about 100 employees is led by Henrik Hasenkamp.