gridscale relies on the channel

vom 22.08.2018

Iaas Provider from Germany

gridscale relies on the channel

gridscale has been active on the German market since 2014. Now the public cloud provider wants to win more sales partners for itself.

Currently gridscale works together with 40 larger (up to 1,500 employees) and 65 smaller system houses (up to 100 employees). With the help of these IT service providers, the IaaS provider generates about 60 percent of its sales in Germany. For gridscale CEO Henrik Hasenkamp, the revenues generated via the channel are far more important than the direct sales revenues generated via the website. The customer puts together the desired services in himself and then manages his cloud environment independently. "This is not a firm customer relationship with us," says Hasenkamp.

The situation is completely different for the customers acquired via the system houses, where there is a close connection to gridscale. Indeed, this public cloud provider was recommended to the customer by his service provider and there is already a basic trust in the services of the provider. For this reason, gridscale would like to win more such "Trusted Advisors" as sales partners for itself.

Gridscale CEO Henrik Hasenkamp: "The customers won via channel are our favorite!
Photo: gridscale

The IaaS provider also offers them a "white label" version of its cloud environment. This means that the "gridscale" brand does not even appear when the customer uses the data center capacities provided by the public cloud provider. But in return, the logo of the system house is clearly visible - a simple measure to strengthen customer loyalty. One of the gridscale partners who trusts this business on a large scale is Nicos AG from Münster. Another system house that acquires many new customers for the IaaS provider is Controlware. Gridscale also works closely with the telecommunications distributor Komsa, where it is always represented at Kom-Days, for example.

Also very welcome to the partner network of the IaaS provider are IT consultants who "only" act as advisors and leave the connection of customers to the gridscale cloud to other system houses.

Experience of Profitbricks and PlusServer

Michael Balser, founder of gridscale and currently Chief Product Officer (CPO), knows the cloud industry inside out. After all, he worked for Profitbricks and PlusServer, among others. There he also met the current gridscale CEO Henrik Hasenkamp, and together they now form a powerful management team at the German public cloud provider, which prefers to regard itself as a "data center automator". In this market segment, gridscale is in direct competition with VMware. According to Hasenkamp, data centers will soon be able to function without people, which means that the vision of a data center (Software defined Data Center, SdDC) completely controlled by software is approaching.

Hasenkamp hopes that its proprietary technologies will enable it to meet the public cloud offerings of Google, AWS and Microsoft (Azure) on an equal footing. For this purpose gridscale has designed a new graphical user interface (GUI), so that users can get used to the system relatively quickly. For example, test customers can only view the "simple" GUI with few settings, while experienced users can use the "expert" version of the GUI, where they have a variety of customization options available.

By the way, testing the gridscale system is very easy, billing is done in "pay-per-minute" mode. Currently, the IaaS specialist is working with two colocation providers, Interxion and e-shelter. Their data centers are located at gridscale's headquarters in Cologne as well as in Berlin, Wuppertal, and Frankfurt.

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