gridscale integrates Rocket Storage: NVMe-based data storage in the public cloud

vom 24.03.2021

22.03.2021 I by Anna Molder

Cologne-based software house gridscale now provides its public cloud users with Rocket Storage, an NVMe-based data storage solution. NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technology enables high data throughput and high access speed and is designed for applications that require special I/O performance and low latency times.

Using the NVMe device interface optimized specifically for all-flash media, Rocket Storage allows users to access the full performance potential of the storage, gridscale said. The direct physical connection of the storage, the associated elimination of protocol translators, and multiple parallel processing of all command queues are said to result in minimized overhead when reading and writing data. The result is high read and write performance and low latency when accessing data. At the same time, the Backup Center will provide users with a web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring of individual storage and backup concepts.

Rocket Storage is available immediately as an alternative storage option to distributed storage and object storage in gridscale's own public cloud. The costs are to be based variably on actual usage.

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