Fully utilize SSD performance potential

vom 01.04.2021

30. March 2021

gridscale integrates »Rocket Storage« into its public cloud offering »Rocket Storage« is available as an alternative storage option to distributed storage and object storage in the »gridscale Public Cloud«.

gridscale provides its public cloud customers with »Rocket Storage« a new NVMe-based data storage. NVMe technology (Non-Volatile Memory Express) stands for very high data throughput and maximum access speed and was developed for applications that require special I/O performance and low latency times. These include demanding business applications and enterprise workloads as well as responsive database systems and e-commerce applications.

»Employees and customers today expect shorter response and reaction times for business workflows and consumer apps, even as resource dependency, storage requirements and application complexity continue to increase«, said Felix Kronlage-Dammers, COO of gridscale GmbH.

»Direct access to target storage and a direct connection to the PCIe bus make NVMe storage significantly faster than hard disks and all-flash architectures connected via AHCI. Thus, I/O performance with Rocket Storage increases by a factor of about one hundred right away, especially for parallel accesses.« (gridscale: ra)

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