From 10 to 63: German SMEs like HCI

vom 29.03.2021

24.03.2021 I by Ulrike Ostler

More than two-thirds of German midsize companies plan to switch to hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) in the coming months. Although only 10 of those surveyed currently rely on HCI, 63 percent of SMEs are planning or considering changing this in the next twelve months.

Commissioned by Cologne-based cloud provider gridscale and in partnership with industry association Eurocloud_evo e.V., IT analyst firm Techconsult conducted the first market study. The survey includes deployment scenarios, process models, the status quo and an outlook into the future.

Today, mid-sized companies are facing a massive modernization push across all industries. Previously successful business models are meeting disruptive innovations, mobile, digital working is becoming the standard and decades of experience and market presence are being replaced by AI, new technologies and smart services. The Corona pandemic is doing the rest.

So the Techconsult survey is interested in the question: »Well Prepared?«. The study also aims to provide business and IT decision-makers with more than sixty pages of advice and benchmarks for a future-proof cloud and data center strategy.

After all, around 40 percent of the companies surveyed also want to increase their flexibility through mixed cloud models, so that hybrid cloud infrastructures become the dominant form of deployment. Frank Schmeiler, responsible IT analyst at Techconsult, explains: »This race cannot be won with traditional IT and monolithic architectures. The age of hybrid and multicloud has long since begun.«

Hyperconvergent infrastructures are not being neglected: according to the study, one in five companies sees e-commerce, data analytics, business applications and IoT as key application areas. The most common use cases are currently the operation of web workloads (36 percent) and server virtualization (35 percent).

Despite the seemingly high figures, the starting point is a low level. This is one of the reasons why many of the companies surveyed do not (yet) see themselves in a good position when it comes to the transformation to the cloud. More than a third complain about a lack of resources and know-how. The Techconsult experts conclude: they cannot cope with the management of hybrid IT infrastructures without external help and technologies such as HCI.

As with many use cases, the pandemic highlights weaknesses in the midmarket as if under a burning glass. Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO of gridscale GmbH, the initiator of the market survey, describes it this way: »Depending on the individual starting position, the current pandemic acts either as a turbo or as an accelerant for business success«.

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