Episode 77: ECJ Privacy Shield ruling and GAIA-X - Interview with Henrik Hasenkamp, gridscale

vom 10.08.2020


Hello and welcome to episode 77 of the Cloud Computing Report Podcast. The European Court of Justice's decision to declare the EU-US Privacy Shield invalid continues to make waves. Only recently, the announcement by the European Data Protection Committee (EDSA) that there will be no "grace period" for the implementation of the ECJ ruling caused a furore. The Cologne-based company gridscale was among the first German cloud computing providers to make an official statement on the ECJ ruling. Reason enough to invite gridscale boss Henrik Hasenkamp - he has already been a guest in the Cloud Computing Report Podcast - to the interview again.

In the statement on the ECJ Privacy Shield ruling mentioned at the beginning, Mr. Hasenkamp explains: "The decision to declare the Privacy Shield regulation invalid shows once again that the data protection regulations of the USA are not compatible with the European data protection level". I ask him at the beginning of the interview why he thinks this is so.

Medium-sized companies overburdened with DSGVO and data protection

Another quote from his statement is: "Medium-sized companies in particular quickly feel overburdened when it comes to issues such as the DSGVO and data protection". This statement is at first surprising, since the legal requirements are actually clear: Cloud Service Provider from Germany or Europe = DSGVO, Cloud Service Provider from the USA = Cloud Act. Mr. Hasenkamp explains how he arrives at the statement of "overtaxing" medium-sized businesses. As an aid, gridscale together with the law firm Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek has published a white paper entitled "Legal Risks in the Use of International Cloud Providers". The link can be found at the end of this paper.

Equals and Equals Like to Join: Also in Cloud Computing

Then we will talk about my market observation that the large German corporations in particular work closely with American cloud service providers. A current example: shortly before the ECJ's decision, Deutsche Bank announced a comprehensive partnership with Google that also includes cloud services. Other examples are VW (Automotive Cloud with Microsoft) or Siemens and Bosch with Amazon Web Services in the IoT area. I ask Mr. Hasenkamp how it can be that these companies - despite all legal imponderables - still repeatedly fall back on the large, well-known cloud computing providers.

GAIA-X: Data sovereignty for European cloud users

Then we come to another cloud project that is currently being discussed: GAIA-X, the European cloud. As I know from the preliminary talks, gridscale has been involved in the GAIA-X initiative from the very beginning. Mr. Hasenkamp talks about the reasons for this commitment and the current status of GAIA-X.

GAIA-X: WITH or AGAINST Amazon & Co.?

GAIA-X also raises the question of how the relationship with the major international hyperscalers is being shaped. I ask Mr. Hasenkamp how he answers the question "WITH or AGAINST each other at GAIA-X".

Finally, we will talk about how Mr. Hasenkamp and his team have experienced the last corona months, and then of course we will venture the obligatory look into the crystal ball again.

The original article in german and the podcast can be found here.

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