E-Commerce at the specialist for men's fashion

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11.03.19 – Hirmer Munich, author Iris Schlomski

E-Commerce at the specialist for men's fashion

To this day, Hirmer Munich continues to rely on new impulses - currently, among other things, with its highly innovative e-commerce.

In e-commerce, quick reactions are a matter of course - also from the operator of the IT infrastructure. That's why the Munich-based Hirmer Group was looking for an agile and technically leading partner. They found it in Cologne, at gridscale.

Frederic Worm, Head of Shop Technology at Hirmer
"I had already noticed gridscale when I opened an account for a test and tried out the service. During my test I noticed that the support is very competent and helps with a problem within a few minutes. This is very important for us as an operator of several online shops with more than 30 servers in the infrastructure".

The family business is a specialist in men's fashion and has existed for more than 70 years. Innovation was part of the company's strategy from the very beginning. For example, the company was the first specialist shop in Germany to equip all men's trousers with zippers. To this day, Hirmer continues to focus on new impulses - currently, among other things, with its highly innovative e-commerce.

E-commerce significance steadily increasing

Its importance has steadily increased in recent years in the fashion industry as well. The expectations of hosting are correspondingly high. For example, the group had been looking for a new solution that offered high-quality, fast support and simple operation for quite some time.

One of the most important requirements is high reliability. Gridscale even guarantees 100 percent availability. The provider achieves this through extensive automation within the data center and the use of predictive maintenance: With data analysis, technical problems are already detected before they reach a critical phase.

Important: Know-how and support for database applications

Frederic Worm was looking for a service provider to move his infrastructure, who would not simply provide a few servers and not touch a single hand afterwards. Hirmer is also looking for know-how and support for database applications. A major advantage of gridscale from the customer's point of view is its high overall performance and features such as "Insane Storage", in which the data is stored on extra-fast solid-state drives. In short, the web shops are much more powerful at the new location. The price structure, on the other hand, is more favourable because the typical gridscale contract terms are better adapted to e-commerce.

Pay-per-use principle

Because servers for webshops are very differently loaded depending on the season. At certain times, such as during the Christmas business, but also in the course of a day, there are always pronounced performance peaks. At other times, on the other hand, the workload is significantly weaker. The pay-per-use principle of gridscale is particularly well suited for this, as the costs decrease during the weaker times.

Project implemented in just three months

The entire project was prepared and implemented in partnership within three months. The experts from Cologne even presented their customers with better solutions for the configuration of the database systems than the previous infrastructure.

The high level of technical support provided by gridscale is particularly positive for Hirmer. This was demonstrated during the relocation phase by the rapid overcoming of a number of minor hurdles. For example, four people had directly taken care of database problems and the corresponding application ran smoothly again after just under two hours.

Michael Balser, Head of Research & Development at gridscale

"Since we use agile methods, we react quickly to the wishes of our customers. In addition, our infrastructure is highly automated, so administrators do not have to intervene in every case".

Frederic Worm concludes: "The very good support and the proactive approach are important criteria for us when working with service providers. Our gridscale infrastructure will certainly be further expanded in the future."

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