Founders should request customer feedback as soon as possible

vom 11.01.2017

gridscale shows the way to the next generation of cloud computing

Founder and CEO Henrik Hasenkamp in an interview with StartupValley on the idea and history behind gridscale, an overview of the offered services and tips for founders.

Introduce yourself and your startup company gridscale to our readers!

gridscale is part of the cloud computing industry and an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider. Users can use the cloud as a substitute for or complementary to their data center, e.g. to catch peak workloads.

The user benefits from gridscale's high flexibility in various areas: They can independently book and scale IaaS resources, such as CPU, SSD and RAM, and benefit from minute-to-minute billing, which can be tracked in real-time. Furthermore, the user can rely on a highly professional infrastructure based on stable and secure hardware components. The high degree of automation and the specially developed algorithms enable gridscale not only to deliver a performance that is unparalleled in the market, but also guarantee the user 100% availability.

How did the idea of ​​gridscale come about and how did you get together as a founder team?

We, the founders Michael Balser (CPO), Torsten Urbas (CTO) and I, met each other 15 years ago at a former employer and worked together in different hosting and cloud computing projects since then. We have seen a variety of challenges for the users regarding hosting offers: many of the IaaS solutions offered are extremely complex, users are often tied to preconfigured packages and contracts, and the performance of the infrastructure often leaves something to be desired. Furthermore, most infrastructure in the market is based on old architectural approaches from today's point of view. Thus, the idea of an automated, highly available and flexible cloud service on the most modern and distributed architecture came to be.

From the idea to the start, what were the biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?

Until our infrastructure solution was ready to go to market at the end of 2015, we needed a year of development effort in which we were constantly in contact with potential users. The founders have completely funded the development until August 2016. Since then we have the High-Tech-Gründerfonds (High-Tech Founders’ Fund) and the BLSW as investors on board.

Who is the target customer of gridscale?

  • For developers and DevOps, gridscale is particularly interesting because of the performance and the open infrastructure (API interfaces). Snapshots, IPv6 and our load balancers are other features that are very popular with developers.
  • Startups often lack the time to work on topics that are necessary, such as where and how to host their app, website or complex architecture, but that are not amongst the core business focus at the same time. This is where our simple usability comes into play in combination with a flexible price model.
  • Agencies, especially in the digital field, require an infrastructure that they can quickly put into operation for their new customer project, but at the same time stop operating with the same ease and time once the project is finalized. This is also possible thanks to the flexible scalability of gridscale.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) depend on security and reliability. The server location in Germany is often a decisive criterion. All this is offered by gridscale.

What service do you offer?


  • CPU
  • RAM
  • SSD storage in multiple performance classes
  • Templates
  • ISO images
  • Snapshots
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Operating system licenses (Windows Server 2012 and 2016 standard)


  • Load balancer
  • S3-compatible Object Storage

How much does the service cost?

All components (performance storages, network, CPU cores, licenses, etc.) are billed according to our price list. As a reference point, the user pays approximately half of Amazon Web Services (AWS) with the same or better performance.

What are the advantages of gridscale?

In short: Flexibility, speed, simplicity, transparency and a partner on equal footing. And all this in accordance with German data protection, as companies as well as data centers are located in Germany without access by a foreign parent company.

gridscale, where is the path going? Where do you want to be in five years?

Our vision is to become the most reliable, stable, modern and transparent hosting and cloud provider on the European market. On the product side, we will especially expand our platform services.

Finally, which 3 tips would you give to startups?

Founders should request customer feedback as soon as possible and always ask themselves how the current development benefits the customer. Also, in the team, discussion should be sought out again and again, because this is the only way to proof and adjust the strategy, as well as continuously improve processes and developments. Last but not least, good employees are the key, which translates to speed, adaptability, talent and a healthy dose of "fire".

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