Cloud Computing made in Germany: gridscale's workplace in Cologne

vom 30.03.2021

27. March 2021

Cloud technologies are shaping the future. Whether it is the Internet of Things, the storage of large amounts of data or the Smart City: Cloud computing is used everywhere. In the site portrait, we took a look behind the scenes at the experts at gridscale.

In the 21st century at the latest, data plays an essential role in our society and our lives. And this dependence will become even stronger in the coming years and decades.

Whether it's the smart city of the future with self-driving cars or your smart assistant in the living room that gets to know your needs and desires even better, we will hardly be able to avoid the use of data and its processing.

So far, the cloud market has been dominated by US and Asian players. But there is also cloud computing made in Germany. A very good example of this is the Cologne-based company gridscale.

The experts combine infrastructure provision (Infrastructure as a Service) with the corresponding programs (Platform as a Service) and combine these two factors with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A guest at gridscale in Cologne

Thus, gridscale succeeds in uniting and mapping the entire cycle of cloud computing. But where do employees develop their creative ideas? We'll show you. In today's location portrait, we take you to Cologne's Kontrastwerk, where gridscale has found its place.

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