gridscale renews functionality and design with updated Platform Services

vom 21.05.2019


gridscale, the Cologne-based provider of innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions (IaaS and PaaS), starts the optimization of its Platform Services with a product update. In addition to the focus on a further improved user experience and easy-to-manage components, new functionalities have been introduced. With this update, the Platform Services - currently divided into gridSQL and gridStore - are now also available in gridscale's Expert Panel and enable additional configuration options for users who require a high level of detail. As part of this product update, MariaDB was also made available as a further option in the gridSQL stack. The new structure and presentation of the Platform Services forms the basis for a number of new solution components that will be provided in the course of the year.

The development of the Platform Services last year was a central building block for the company. They represent fully managed and automated services such as databases, message queues or developer tools and offer customers the opportunity to flexibly implement complex hosting and infrastructure projects and benefit from the high degree of automation. They scale automatically in real time and give customers the freedom to concentrate on their core business. This is why e-commerce customers in particular are increasingly relying on Platform Services databases to provide scalable online shops and ensure that sufficient resources are available at all times when marketing campaigns take effect or seasonal fluctuations occur.

"The IT infrastructure requirements of our eCommerce customers are extremely variable and can only be planned in exceptional cases - such as for large-scale marketing campaigns.  However, gridscale's Platform Services allow this challenge to be forgotten," says Lars Leuchter, Managing Director of AIXPRO GmbH. "As a customer, we can provide direct feedback in a continuous process, which also ensures that the update of the Platform Services brings us another step forward.

Felix Kronlage, COO of gridscale, also emphasizes the importance for other customer groups: "Platform services are also a decisive solution component for resellers and agencies. On the updated panel, they are not overwhelmed by an unmanageable list of components, as is so often the case, but are shown components with meaningful standard configuration and in expert mode everything they need in more detail for their specific application case.

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About gridscale

gridscale is a European IaaS and PaaS provider and with its innovative technology creates the basis for sophisticated cloud solutions. With its highly automated architecture, the Cologne-based company offers future-oriented and digitally oriented users a solution in which they can flexibly choose between a variety of Infrastructure-as-a-Service components (e.g. distributed storage solutions, load balancers and virtual servers) and complementary Platform-as-a-Service elements (e.g. automatically scaling databases and IoT components). gridscale was founded in 2014 by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas. Crisp Research, the company is one of the innovators in cloud computing.

With its innovative technology, gridscale raises cloud computing to a new level - intelligent components of the gridscale cloud connect seamlessly with all other IT resources of the company and extend the existing infrastructure. The required cloud resources are available to users in real time and can be easily integrated into existing company and system processes, also thanks to the intuitive user interface. This means that gridscale customers can focus on their core competencies instead of having to deal with the operation of their cloud infrastructure, while still maintaining an overview at all times thanks to transparent processing and minute-by-minute billing.



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