gridscale at DMEXCO: Cloud Partner for Agencies and eCommerce

vom 29.08.2019

gridscale, a Cologne-based provider of innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions (IaaS, PaaS), will participate at DMEXCO 2019. On 11 and 12 September, the gridscale team will be presenting its cloud services, which are tailored to eCommerce providers and agencies at booth A-028 in Hall 7.

With gridscale, companies can implement their hosting and infrastructure projects as an easy, quick and cost-effective cloud solution. Agencies use it to manage complex structures with numerous clients and projects. Online retailers, on the other hand, value the high performance, reliability as well as the autoscaling of gridscale’s public cloud platform.

Benefits of Cloud Solutions for eCommerce

For online retailers, optimised UX and fast transactions are the key to success. Delayed loading times for the webshop or – worst case – a system failure are a main cause for the drain of customers. A one second loading time, for example, equals a 16 percent drop of customer satisfaction. Real-time autoscaling platforms such as gridscale's public cloud platform provide the infrastructure to avoid such drops and guarantee trouble-free shop operations. Seasonal fluctuations and peak loads are anticipated and managed, a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go model helps eCommerce providers to gain competitive advantage in a margin-sensitive industry.

Ultimate Solution for Agencies

IT is complex and not the core expertise of most agencies. Increasingly, their customers not only expect the creative implementation but also a smooth IT operations management of their digital projects. For them, the gridscale reseller cloud is a complete multi-client capable solution that helps minimising hosting costs, managing all customers easily and also handling the technical side professionally. Project and infrastructure management is thus reduced to just a few clicks on an intuitive browser interface and enables fast go-to-market for all campaigns. The flexible scaling of the platform and a consumption-based billing of the IT resources guarantee cost-effective performance of IT operations.
Felix Kronlage, COO of gridscale, is aware of the importance of tailor-made solutions for agencies: "Our cloud services and especially the Partner Panel, where agencies can control the infrastructure and customer management, are essential components. The Partner Panel does not overwhelm them with a long list of options, but only shows a clearly laid out standard configuration. The expert mode then displays and offers in greater detail everything needed for specific configurations."

Service and Support at Eye Level

In addition to the technical details other factors are also imperative when choosing a cloud provider. Frederic Worm, Head of Shop Technology at Hirmer, emphasises: "During our test phase, I noticed that the support of gridscale is competent and can help with a problem in just a few minutes. This is very important for an operator of several online shops with more than 30 servers in the infrastructure."

About gridscale

gridscale is a European provider of IaaS and PaaS. With its innovative technology, gridscale creates the basis for sophisticated cloud solutions. The company, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, offers a highly automated architecture in which users can flexibly choose between a multitude of Infrastructure-as-a-Service components and complementary Platform-as-a-Service elements. gridscale was founded in 2014 by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser, and Torsten Urbas. Crisp Research awarded the company as one of the innovators in cloud computing.

With its innovative technology, gridscale brings cloud computing to a new level – intelligent components of the gridscale cloud connect seamlessly with other IT resources, extending the existing infrastructure. The required cloud resources are available to users in real time and can be easily integrated into existing company and system processes, also thanks to the intuitive user interface. This enables gridscale customers to focus on their core competencies instead of having to deal with the operation of their cloud infrastructure. Thanks to transparent processes and minute-by-minute billing they maintain a good overview at all times.

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