gridscale appoints Felix Kronlage as Chief Operations Officer

vom 06.06.2019

Felix Kronlage becomes Chief Operations Officer (COO) at gridscale, the Cologne-based provider of innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions (IaaS and PaaS). With immediate effect, Felix is in charge of the operational business and the technological development of the company. Together with Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO, and Nicola Römer, CMO, he forms the management of the cloud specialist.

The position of COO was newly created with Kronlage. With this personnel decision, gridscale completes the management team and ensures the strong focus on technology and innovation through the internal staffing and the technical background of Felix Kronlage. The company, which has been on the market for four years, plans to further accelerate its growth rate and the development of its products. The focus will be on modern PaaS offerings and services. In particular, system houses and agencies will be able to draw on the latest technology to manage complex hosting and infrastructure projects.

Born in Hanover, Germany, he gathered expertise in technical and commercial matters early in his career. He has been active in the open source community for 20 years. For several years he has been a member of the board of the Open Source Business Alliance. Before joining gridscale, the computer scientist spent more than 15 years as managing director at bytemine, an IT infrastructure service provider focusing on open source solutions, which has been majority-owned by otris Software AG since 2011. He got in touch with gridscale as one of the first customers of the start-up. Driven by the immediate enthusiasm for their platform and products, he changed sides in 2018 and started as Product Owner for the Cologne-based company.

Felix Kronlange
Felix Kronlage - COO of gridscale

Felix Kronlage sees exciting opportunities for his tasks at gridscale: "The market potential of cloud services and especially of gridscale is enormous. The market continues to grow rapidly and we as gridscale not only want to be part of the growth, but to be the leader in this market. The aim of my work as COO is to strengthen the company's growth and innovative strength by focusing on technology".

Henrik Hasenkamp, co-founder and CEO of gridscale, also welcomes the future cooperation: "With Felix Kronlage, we were able to ideally fill the position of COO internally. With him, we have an energetic and experienced personality who already knows gridscale's service from the customer's point of view. This ensures that we understand our customers' needs down to the last detail and provide them with the best possible solution".


About gridscale

gridscale is a European IaaS and PaaS provider and with its innovative technology creates the basis for sophisticated cloud solutions. With its highly automated architecture, the Cologne-based company offers future-oriented and digitally oriented users a solution in which they can flexibly choose between a variety of Infrastructure-as-a-Service components (e.g. distributed storage solutions, load balancers and virtual servers) and complementary Platform-as-a-Service elements (e.g. automatically scaling databases and IoT components). gridscale was founded in 2014 by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas. Crisp Research announced gridscale as an innovator in cloud computing.

With its innovative technology, gridscale raises cloud computing to a new level - intelligent components of the gridscale cloud connect seamlessly with all other IT resources of the company and extend the existing infrastructure. The required cloud resources are available to users in real time and can be easily integrated into existing company and system processes, also thanks to the intuitive user interface. This allows gridscale customers to focus on their core competencies
Instead of focusing on the operation of their cloud infrastructure, the transparent processing and minute-by-minute billing of the data enables them to maintain a transparent overview at all times.

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