gridscale adds Managed Kubernetes to its public cloud offer

vom 16.01.2020

Cologne, Germany, January 16, 2020 – gridscale GmbH, the Cologne-based provider of innovative IaaS and PaaS solutions, now also offers a ready-to-use Kubernetes environment to the customers of its public cloud services.

Kubernetes has become the standard for the orchestration of microservices, containerized applications and the fast deployment of cloud-native workloads. The gridscale experts are in charge of the monitoring, release management and operation of the Kubernetes infrastructure, leaving customers free to fully concentrate on the development of their applications.

Scope of Services

The scope of services ranges from provisioning in different availability zones, automatic load balancing to cluster updates and geographically distributed backup procedures. The Kubernetes infrastructure is run in the ISO 27001 certified gridscale high-security data centers. What is more, the Managed Kubernetes services are available to all existing gridscale customers entirely free of charge. Use-dependent charges are accrued only for those IaaS components that have actually been made use of.

"Thanks to the close integration with our Public Cloud, the set-up and management of containers is easy to handle", says Felix Kronlage-Dammers, COO of gridscale. Customers can access an intuitive interface on the gridscale cloud platform to configure their individual clusters and worker nodes as well as to allocate additional infrastructure resources with just a few clicks. The provisioning of the container then is automated and carried out quickly, to enable developers to transfer their applications and workloads within minutes.

"Agility, openness and portability are basic principles in the development of our platform. Against the backdrop of modern DevOps scenarios, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud operating models those principles are becoming increasingly important," adds Kronlage-Dammers. "With Managed Kubernetes, we relieve companies of time-consuming routine tasks and give them the freedom and capacity to implement new IT paradigms – from Infrastructure-as-Code to Continuous Delivery."

About gridscale
gridscale, headquartered in Cologne, develops innovative IaaS and PaaS to operate powerful cloud infrastructures for end customers and resellers. Clients can choose between a variety of IaaS components (e.g. distributed storage solutions, load balancers and virtual servers) and complementary PaaS elements (e.g. automatically scaling databases and IoT components). In this way, gridscale Public Cloud forms the central IT platform for sophisticated cloud scenarios and for the implementation of very different digital projects - from dynamically scaling web shops to complex SaaS or enterprise IT solutions. gridscale was founded in 2014 by Henrik Hasenkamp, Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas. gridscale's Public Cloud is certified with the 'Trusted Cloud' label by the German Ministry of Economics

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