Updates to our Redis platform services

Datum: 20.03.2020

redis Platform Service UpdateWe’ve got some cool changes coming to our Redis platform services. This includes the new Redis version 5.0, as well as new services with active data persistence (AOF). With these updates and new features we will move our pricing plan for Redis from dynamic to static pricing.

The version upgrade

Please Note: For simplicity, all Redis 4.0 services will be available as normal and left running, but no more 4.0 services can be created.

When viewing the available platform services in the panel, Redis 5.0 will now be created by default, allowing you to take advantage of everything included in 5.0. Along with this, we are adding Redis AOF with 4 performance classes:

  • Redis Store 5.0 2GB
  • Redis Store 5.0 4GB
  • Redis Store 5.0 8GB
  • Redis Store 5.0 16GB

Since the information is stored in memory and directly served from it, Redis is traditionally used as a super fast cache, queue or pub/sub service. While being so fast, this can introduce potential loss of your data in case of failure or a (scheduled) reboot. If your application requires data persistence, then AOF (Append only file) is the way to go.

The advantage is, that if an event occurs which affects your service, your service cache will be reconstructed using the stored write operations. This means Redis will be able to handle most failures automatically.

Pricing changes

With the first release of our gridStore Redis service – we launched with dynamic pricing – meaning that you only pay for the cores and storage that you use, billed by the minute, but Redis is unique in quite a few ways. Redis is single-threaded and as such doesn’t actually use more than one core for the application itself, even with AOF activated.

The application data is stored and read from RAM, which means, for non AOF services we can allocate enough static resources for your application. However services with AOF will still require storage space. Our extensive testing shows that large applications can use a multitude of the RAM size as storage, due to how the bgrewriteaof process works.

With these findings we’re changing all Redis 5.0 services to be billed minute-by-minute.

The prices per month will be as follows:

Redis Cache 4.0PriceRedis Cache 5.0Price

The new, data persistent services:

Performance ClassPrice
Redis Store 5.0 2GB60€
Redis Store 5.0 4GB90€
Redis Store 5.0 8GB160€
Redis Store 5.0 16GB260€

After taking a look at most running projects, this doesn’t affect many customers workloads if you choose to upgrade, in fact, if you upgrade your 2GB, or 4GB instance, then you would save money due to the rounding down.

We look forward to hearing from you and what you think about our new service offering and pricing update, if you have any questions, or would like us to handle upgrading you’re Redis 4.0 instance to 5.0 – you can email us here.

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Marc Harriss

Marc Harriss | Head of Product
As gridscales Head of Product, Marc works closely on product processes and maximising the value of the product from working with the Development teams. He works with the philosophy of "develop products as a customer" in mind, has a passion for software and how things work. With a professional background in I.T. and Logistics management in the startup scene, Marc is used to working with fast paced, interdisciplinary teams, to move things forward.

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