Elastic File System – central file storage

The elastic File System gridFs makes your data available – wherever you need it. Use the highly available file system gridFs the way you want. A central data storage that you never have to worry about again and that always keeps your most important data available.

Pay-per-use starting at 0,14 € per GB per month.

File System Features

File System – so fast!
The elastic File System is available with just a few clicks. Select the performance class for your project. That’s it. For seamless integration into your cloud infrastructure.

Pay per use – simply fair!
The Managed File System is billed according to usage. Start for only 0.14 € per GB per month and pay only for the storage you need. Grows and shrinks with your needs.

High-available – always!
Your gridFs is designed for availability and speed. So that access to your most important data is guaranteed at all times.

Simple and transparent pricing


min (GB): 1
max (TB): 10

IOPS (r/w): 1.000
Network (MB/s): 100
Support: NFS 4.x

from 0,14 €/month

0,14 €


min (GB): 1
max (TB): 10
IOPS (r/w): 7.500
Network (MB/s): 300
Support: NFS 4.x

from 0,44 €/month

0,44 €

Die Vorteile der gridscale Cloud

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