File System

The elastic File System gridFs makes your data available – wherever you need it. Use the highly available file system gridFs the way you want. A central data storage that you never have to worry about again and that always keeps your most important data available.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, without risk.

Advantages at a glance

File System – so fast!
The elastic File System is available with just a few clicks. Select the performance class for your project. That’s it. For seamless integration into your cloud infrastructure.

Pay per use – simply fair!
The Managed File System is billed according to usage. Start for only 0.15 € per GB per month and pay only for the storage you need. Grows and shrinks with your needs.

High-available – always!
Your gridFs is designed for availability and speed. So that access to your most important data is guaranteed at all times.

File System

Mit gridFs kannst du alle deine Dateien über ein Netzwerk speichern, verwalten und bereitstellen. Mit wenigen Klicks verbindest du komfortabel und schnell beliebige Server mit deinen zentralen Daten und Dokumenten. Als PaaS-Dienst ist gridFs an allen Standorten in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz für dich verfügbar. 

File System at a glance

Flexible Performance-Klassen wählbar

Automatisch skalierender Storage 

Basierend auf Netzwerk-Filesystem-Standard NFS4

Managed Kubernetes Kubernetes RWM volumes

Integriert in gridscales PaaS-Portfolio

Flexible Abrechnung nach Per-per-use-Prinzip

Easy and simple pricing


min (GB): 1
max (TB): 10

IOPS (r/w): 1.000
Network (MB/s): 100
Support: NFS 4.x

from 0,15 €/month

0,15 €


min (GB): 1
max (TB): 10
IOPS (r/w): 7.500
Network (MB/s): 300
Support: NFS 4.x

from 0,48 €/month

0,48 €

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