Highest cloud security

At gridscale, we take the security of your infrastructure and your data seriously. We are not only subject to the strictest data protection in the world under German law, but we also build our infrastructure and features to assure maximum security. All gridscale cloud technology is certified according to ISO 27001/27018.

Highest security by German standards

German Privacy Policy

gridscale was developed in compliance to the German data protection law, which has the strictest data protection and privacy regulations that exist - not only in the European Union, but also worldwide (see also gridscale’s protection center. gridscale is an independent German GmbH, without connection to a foreign parent company. This means, that in case of an investigation led by foreign Intelligence services, access to stored data can be only permitted, when the high hurdles of judge‘s reservation according to the democratic and constitutional standards in Germany are met. gridscale is certified according to ISO 27001/27018 and has received special recognition as a Trusted Cloud from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

German data centers

At gridscale, we work with one of the most recognized data center providers in Europe, NTT Global Datacenters, benefitting from the highest security standards. The data centers have a five-level physical security concept. They are monitored by security guards around the clock at seven days a week and are protected with manifold access controls. The data centers are in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, 27001 and 50001 and are subject to regular banking standard security audits.

Data security and encryption

Self-healing cloud infrastructure for 100% uptime

We build state-of-the-art technology that stands for intelligent algorithms. As such, we apply deep learning algorithms to identify and analyze potential anomalies. Even in the slightest risk of infrastructure failure, we move workloads to other parts of the infrastructuring without affecting the live operation, and carry out repair measures where necessary (see also Technology).

For security monitoring, we also use the intelligence of our algorithms to identify potentially malicious activity easily, initiate investigations and take actions based on our incident reporting and response procedures.

Industry-standard encryption for storage and networks

Each cloud storage and private network is individually secured with industry-standard encryption. This ensures the highest level of data protection, even if hardware or network manufacturers have to gain insight into parts of the gridscale system (e.g. in the RMA case or for analysis reasons)

High-quality enterprise hardware for infrastructure stability

We exclusively use enterprise hardware for all infrastructure components to ensure smooth operations: Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Juniper, Samsung and Super Micro are our suppliers of choice.

Secure cloud storage - stored threefold redundantly

We claim for the highest availability of all stored data. Therefore all Data is stored threefold redundantly in three different availability zones.

Maximum reliability and geo-redundancy

If required, we offer parallel cloud setups in different, geographically separated, high-security data centers. The goal: maximum performance and reliability of your infrastructure even in the case of extraordinary emergencies or natural disasters.

gridscale’s further actions to keep your data secure

Two Factor Authentication

The 2FA is an additional secure mechanism in addition to your password and protects your account from unauthorized access. You can manage all your passwords via apps on your devices and are therefore able to log in at any time.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We protect our systems through key-based authentication. Additionally, only a small group of staff who require access have permission to our host systems and customer data.

Private Datalink - as secure as in-house

With gridscale‘s Private Datalink, your cloud infrastructure can be transparently and securely linked to existing company IT. Sensitive data is exchanged exclusively via secure, non-public data lines.

Monitoring and audit logs

We constantly monitor all our systems to be able to respond immediately to potential risks. Thus your systems are highly protected from inside and outside attacks. Moreover, all events are subject to audit-compliant storage on gridscale and assigned to the originator. In this way, the audit log can be used to show in detail at any time when a change has taken place and who initiated the change.

Security updates

Regular patching of our own infrastructure provides that our systems are always up to date so we can offer you the highest security standards. In case you decided to use our Managed Services, we also take care of the patching of your servers all the way up to the operating system.


Integrated into the management interface of the gridscale public cloud platform, multi-locations allow any cloud resource to be deployed in different data center locations - making it particularly easy to implement sophisticated business continuity and disaster recovery concepts.