Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

Create a scalable infrastructure for the automated operation of your containers in no time with gridscale Managed Kubernetes. The simple interface of gridscale guides you safely and quickly through the configuration. The setup of your container infrastructure via our panel is completely uncomplicated.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Automated IT
Automate your deployment processes. Connect your development pipeline directly to Managed Kubernetes. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment has never been easier.

Easy handling
Managed Kubernetes services are fully integrated into our platform. Use a click-based interface to configure clusters and nodes for your project and allocate additional individual infrastructure resources. 

Save costs, time and nerves
With our expertise, we relieve you of all management tasks related to Kubernetes and take care of monitoring, release management and operation of your container infrastructure.

Made & hosted in Germany Enterprise Hardware Georedundancy 100% SLA
Unlimited API-Requests 24/7 Emergency Support Built-In Firewall IPv6-addresses

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