Private Networks

Secure and fast connections are the central backbone of any distributed IT architecture. The gridscale SDN allows you to create private networks directly in our cloud panel at the click of a mouse to easily map even complex infrastructures. Private networks are separated from the Internet and protected against unauthorized eavesdropping so that private information remains private. With the DHCP configuration, you can automate the IP assignment.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, and without risk.

Advantages at a glance

Unrestricted freedom
As one of the few IaaS providers, we give you complete freedom to configure your network architecture. With a single click, you can design and build sophisticated networks and define firewall rules.

Protection and security for your data
Create as many private networks as you want and connect your servers. To ensure the highest level of security, we automatically generate an encrypted key for each network and encrypt data in real time.

Exclusivity for your clients
Secure your network zones with VLANs and breakout networks so that different clients can’t see each other. VLAN partitioning can help you centrally manage multiple accounts with one firewall.

Robust network architecture

Outstanding global networking with the lowest latencies
Our network technology enables gridscale’s infrastructure components to communicate securely with each other, with the Internet, and with local networks. In addition, we have developed intelligent networking products: Automatically distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines with our load balancer and determine which network data you allow in and out with our cloud firewall.

Easily expand your infrastructure

Managed Load Balancer

Distribute incoming requests evenly across your cloud infrastructure using Managed Load Balancer. Create SSL certificates with just one click or store a maintenance page that is automatically redirected to in case of an error.

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Cloud Firewall

With gridscale’s Cloud Firewall, you can protect your IT services with just a few clicks. Create rule sets and smart templates to effectively protect your cloud infrastructure.

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A complex network does not have to be complicated. The Software Defined Network of the gridscale Cloud allows you to administer and manage even complex networks without effort. Use built-in features like layer-2 filtering or a DHCP to be productive faster.

Private networks at a glance

Management and operation of even complex network architectures

Simple and clear creation via gridscale panel

Private infrastructure connections independent of the public network

Data encryption and integrated layer-2 security

Configuration via integrated DHCP service

Protection via easy-to-configure cloud firewall


We share our knowledge!

The integration of Software Defined Networks (SDN) into modern cloud architectures has significantly increased the flexibility of network management and greatly simplified infrastructure operations. With gridscale, you can set up your private networks on demand and connect them directly on the fly without interruption.
We share our knowledge with you. On our corporate blog and in the form of detailed market studies, field reports, and white papers. Our step-by-step guide to using gridscale SDN via the Partner Panel gives you an overview of how to set up a private network, configure a firewall and connect multiple projects via virtual switches.

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