Managed Load Balancer

Distribute incoming requests evenly across your cloud infrastructure using Managed Load Balancer. Create SSL certificates with just one click or store a maintenance page to which requests are automatically redirected in the event of an error. gridscale’s Managed Load Balancer is the ideal link between the outside world and your cloud infrastructure to achieve the highest availability and best performance.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Advantages at a glance

Managed and monitored for you
The perfect user experience is crucial in IT operations. That’s why our network management team works around the clock to ensure that your load balancer is up-to-date and your traffic is always perfectly balanced. In your cloud, onprem, worldwide. Rely on our expertise!

Scales with your success
Simple load balancers often reach their limits when dealing with a large number of parallel SSL connections. The load balancer from gridscale can handle large access volumes without impacting users. Ideal for growing and performance-optimized web infrastructures!

You have the choice
API access or cloud panel? The settings for your load balancing are child’s play. Configure everything you need with a single click, create certificates and integrate local or external target servers. Implement your own set of rules and automate the entire process.

Load Balancer – why?

You can use the gridscale load balancer whenever you want to distribute incoming traffic. Create a highly available cloud infrastructure and distribute traffic across multiple sites or dynamically scale your web servers up and down. The load balancer is the ideal product component to fully exploit the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure.

Load Balancer at a glance

Deployment & operation of fully managed load balancer platform

Access via gridscale Cloud Panel or RESTful API

Icon Managed Services Creation of SSL certificates and forwarding rules

IPv4 and IPv6 address support

Managed Kubernetes Integration with gridscale Managed Kubernetes offering

Regular health checks on the connected cloud servers

Load balancing weighting definable via Cloud Panel

Load balancing algorithms: Least Connection and Round Robin

Connection of any external resources via IP address & hostname

Blue-Green deployment scenarios can be mapped

Easy and simple Pricing


· High Availability
· Boost your performance

from 22,50 €/month

22,50 €


We are sharing our insights!

Today, load balancers are an integral part of every IT architecture. The goal: to increase overall performance, efficiency and capacity of the infrastructure. Modern load balancers can optimize server utilization, reduce single points of failure through redundancies, balance workloads in the event of server failures and improve scalability in IT operations.

We share our knowledge with you. On our corporate blog and in the form of detailed market studies, field reports and white papers. Our tutorial on the options, fields of application and use cases of the gridscale load balancer provides a good overview of the configuration options available to you for perfecting your data traffic. You can find the tutorial (in German) here.

The advantages of the gridscale Cloud

European data protection

Openness and transparency

Sovereignty and self-determination

Authenticity and trust

Modularity and interoperability

User friendliness

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