Managed Load Balancer

Distribute incoming requests evenly across your cloud infrastructure using Managed Load Balancer. Create SSL certificates with just one click or store a maintenance page to which requests are automatically redirected in the event of an error. gridscale’s Managed Load Balancer is the ideal link between the outside world and your cloud infrastructure to achieve the highest availability and best performance.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.


Always monitored. Always available
The Managed Load Balancer from gridscale is monitored around the clock. In the event of a fault, gridscale’s experts can intervene immediately to ensure your IT operations.

SSL termination included
Simple load balancers often reach their limits with a large number of parallel SSL connections. gridscale’s load balancer can handle large volumes of web accesses without affecting users.Optimized for SSL-encrypted web traffic, the Managed Load Balancer is the ideal module for large web infrastructures

Gets reinforcement when needed
Automate your web infrastructure with the Managed Load Balancer so that as requests increase, additional web servers are started and automatically included in the load balancing. Perfect for horizontal scaling of your cloud infrastructure.

Easy and simple Pricing


· High Availability
· Boost your performance

from 15 €/month

15 €

Load Balancer – why?

You can use the gridscale load balancer whenever you want to distribute incoming traffic. Create a highly available cloud infrastructure and distribute traffic across multiple sites or dynamically scale your web servers up and down. The load balancer is the ideal product component to fully exploit the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure.

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