Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS)

Start your highly available Load Balancer with SSL offloading

Why gridscale? - find out more.
gridscale Load Balancer

Why Load Balancers?

Our redundant Load Balancers are fully-managed and enable you to distribute incoming traffic to your servers automatically. This makes sure that traffic is distributed evenly and no server is overstrained, you can modify your work without worrying about the availability or performance of your infrastructure. Like every service gridscale offers, you can configure your Load Balancer in just a few clicks.

These supporting features help you use gridscale’s load balancer with ease

Flexible SSL Certificates

You can either get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate that automatically renews for every Load Balancer or use custom SSL certificates that you already own. Simply configure your existing certificate and private key for the usage with gridscale’s Load Balancer.

Automatic Maintenance Mode

Flexible rules allow to react to various situations. For example: If you perform maintenance on your web service, the Load Balancer can automatically redirect all your traffic to a maintenance website.

Global Load Balancing

Most providers deny the inclusion of any third party services. We don’t, so you can. Add external servers as load balancing targets. If you would like to add a local or remote server, you can do so by using the gridscale’s panel or RESTful API.

Loadbalancer Dashboard

Pay-as-you-go, per minute!

Never lose track of costs – you only pay for what you use and monitor your costs in our real-time usage report. Scale your infrastructure resources at anytime to deliver the best project possible.


Our networking technology enables gridscale’s infrastructure components to securely communicate with each other, the internet and on-premise networks.

Create secure private networks or breakout networks and take advantage of the lowest latencies.


Cloud Firewall

With gridscale’s free cloud firewall you can protect your IT services with just a few clicks. But that’s not where the easiness stops:

rule sets and smart templates help you avoid mundane work, keeping the full infrastructure performance at the same time.


Get the most out of your load balancer

We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials