Cloud Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS)

Start your highly available Load Balancer with SSL offloading.

Free SSL Certificates

Free SSL Certificates

Get a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for every Load Balancer - with a single click.

Custom SSL Certificates

Custom SSL Certificates

You already have a customer SSL certificate that you want to use with the gridscale Load Balancer? Simply configure your existing certificate and private key for use with the gridscale Load Balancer.

Automatic Maintenance Mode

Automatic Maintenance Mode

Flexible rules allow to react to various situations. For example: you perform a maintenance on your web service, then the Load Balancer can automatically redirect all your traffic to a maintenance website.

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What else makes our Cloud Load Balancer special

Features, pricing and other important details


Our Load Balancer is billed per-minute. Traffic between your Load Balancer and your local gridscale servers is included. 2 TB of external data traffic is included per account and month, in addition we charge 0.05 € per GB.
One Load Balancer: 0.02 € per hour


Like all other gridscale services, our Load Balancer can be fully configured by using our RESTful API. Automatically add or remove servers, configure new services or enable maintenance mode.

IP addresses

Every Load Balancer is automatically configured with a unique IPv4 and IPv6 address. Our Load Balancers are of course fully IPv6 compatible.

External target servers

Our Load Balancer permits to add external servers as load balancing targets. If you would like to add a local or remote server, you can do so by using the gridscale Panel or API.