Cloud Firewall

With the gridscale Cloud Firewall, you stay calm and relaxed and at the same time always on the safe side. With just a few clicks, you can ensure adequate protection of your IT services against unauthorized access and threats from the Internet. Intelligent templates, predefined rule sets, and our automation help you avoid unnecessary work and maintain the full performance of your infrastructure at all times.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Advantages at a glance

Safety is our self-image
When it comes to security, we do not compromise. Every cloud server can use the cloud firewall at no additional cost. This provides you with an intuitive tool to secure your infrastructure comprehensively right away.

Holistic protection without gaps
By activating the cloud firewall in gridscale’s Software Defined Network, the filter rules are particularly effective. Manipulation of the firewall by malicious code on a server, for example, is thus excluded.

Integrated into your processes
gridscale’s cloud firewall is fully customizable to meet your needs. Create your own rule sets and smart templates to configure, setup and operate your new cloud infrastructure with the right security settings.

Why Cloud Firewall?

Cloud firewalls are virtual network security devices and offer significant benefits in terms of scalability, availability, and expandability. As your cloud usage grows, cloud firewalls at gridscale can scale simply by adding virtual instances, with no hardware to install or maintain. Our automation and centralized management also allows developers to integrate next-generation security directly into their workflows. This means security features can be immediately synchronized with cloud-native development strategies and DevOps principles such as continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), and already considered during application development.

Cloud Firewall at a glance

Securing any network connection

Configuration with a few clicks via templates per use case

Mapping of individual security policies and procedures

Access rules for data traffic can be defined independently

Free to use with any server

Integrated workflows and automation mechanisms

We share our knowledge!

In the face of increasingly complex threats, the topic of security regularly finds itself at the top of the IT agenda. The specialized knowledge and the technical and procedural precautions at gridscale help you to reliably get to grips with the issue.

We share our knowledge with you, on our corporate blog and in the form of detailed market studies, field reports, and white papers. Our detailed blog article gives you a comprehensive overview of all essential aspects and measures of IT security, authentication, encryption, and identity management in the cloud.

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