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Retrieve your data from anywhere or do backups easily using our redundant object storage with S3-compatible interface

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gridscale Object Storage

Why object storage

Our flexible S3-compatible Object Storage allows you to store and retrieve any amount data, designed to be accessed from anywhere including websites, mobile applications or IoT devices. Stability and access control are covered through easy-to-use security features. You can perform instantaneous backups in real-time by simply exporting your Snapshots to Object Storage. Since you pay only for what you use, your cost structures can easily be optimised.

Our object storage is equipped with

S3 compatibility

gridscales object storage offers you an S3 compatible HTTP interface. This allows you to use applications designed for the Amazon S3 storage service - without any customization. Manage any number of your buckets directly from our GUI, or through the S3 compatible API.

Web bucket explorer

Using our web bucket explorer, it just became a lot easier to access your buckets. Directly access all your data through the gridscale GUI. Upload and manage all your data from within your web browser or simply host a static public website by configuring your bucket to function like a website.

Simple ACLs

You can secure any data in gridscale´s Object Storage with simple ACLs or you can allow anonymous access to some of your data. Use gridscales object storage to store videos, image files or other data.

Benefits of the gridscale object storage

Always safe

All of your data is protected by one or multiple private access keys. You decide who is allowed to access data in your bucket and who is not. The access to the HTTP interface of the object storage is, of course, SSL-encrypted. That way we ensure the highest level of security while maintaining maximum flexibility.

Always available

Our availability promise also applies to the S3-compatible Object Storage. Your data is redundantly stored in three different availability zones. Regular data scrubs ensure that all three copies of your data exactly match each other. Reliably control every status of your stored objects via object versioning or customise and automate any rules through bucket lifecycle management.

Always easy to use

At gridscale, we leave old UX concepts behind and rely on truly modern web technologies that instantly enable you to deploy complex IT infrastructures within seconds. No additional tools required. The object storage automatically scales with your requirements. There is no need to worry about the size of your buckets.

SSD Cloud Storage

gridscale’s SSD cloud storage is available in three different performance classes, so you can perfectly match your individual application.

Benefit from sophisticated security and features that let you work with our storage in an instant, speeding up your development processes.


Pay-as-you-go, per minute!

Never lose track of costs - you only pay for what you use and monitor your costs in our real-time usage report. Scale your infrastructure resources at anytime to deliver the best project possible.

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Get the most out of your storage

We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials.