S3 Object Storage

Now you can store your business data in a highly flexible, secure, and cost-efficient way. Thanks to gridscale Object Storage with a compatible S3 interface, your storage resources can be scaled as required and you can manage your data backup and archiving processes in the blink of an eye. Fully GDPR-compliant and quickly retrievable at any time. Take advantage of your new agility and benefit from a storage infrastructure that dynamically grows with you.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Advantages at a glance

Simply inexpensive
You only pay for the space you use – it couldn’t be easier. All API calls, traffic, and other activities are included in the price. The gridscale object storage pricing model means no need for an upfront investment and a significant reduction in your monthly IT costs.

Simply compatible
The S3 standard guarantees global compatibility with existing applications and SDKs. Snapshots? Backups? Data recovery? All with a single click in your cloud infrastructure. Use the tight integration with gridscale to create automated backups.

Simply secure
You can distribute your data geo-redundantly in our European data center locations and optimize it as you wish in terms of latency, security and costs. The result: sophisticated high-availability scenarios that are otherwise only available to large corporations.

Our S3 Object Storage is your flexible data store for virtually any data format and use case – whether for cost-effective backup and long-term archiving of your enterprise data and media libraries or as a storage medium for any amount of data in Big Data and IoT scenarios. 

Via RestAPI, gridscale S3 Storage can also be easily integrated into automated processes either directly or via 3rd party SDKs and clients.

S3 Object Storage in action

»The gridscale concept fits perfectly with our strategy: no featurism, but proven open source technology in top quality. In the past, we had to shut down storage units when the load dropped manually. Now we have S3 storage that we pay for according to consumption, which scales optimally with our business model.«

“The cloud offers enabled us to expand our previous software business very successfully. The transfer was much easier than expected, thanks to open interfaces and good documentation. So far, our system is running very performantly and completely trouble-free.”

S3 Object Storage at a glance

Based on powerful, cloud-native multi-tier architecture

Geo-redundancy across different European availability zones 

Redundant, encrypted data storage in TIER 3 data centers

Any flexible sizing with minute-based billing (pay-per-use)

Recourse to PaaS features and fully managed services 

Conformity with DSGVO/GDPR and strict compliance requirements

Partner Seamless data migration & full compatibility (S3 standard)

Direct API access from any clients, applications, and SDKs 

Cost-efficient storage option for mass data in archiving scenarios

Individual security concepts and real-time backups & snapshots

Easy and simple pricing

All our resources are fully customizable. If you want to learn more, visit our Product Documentation.

Object Storage

per 1 GB

0.05 €/month

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