S3 storage – inexpensive and secure

With gridscale Object Storage with compatible S3 interface, you can easily store your backups from any device. Archive important data or use the integration into gridscale’s cloud infrastructure to create automated backups.
Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, pay-per-use.

Simply inexpensive
You only pay for the space you use – it couldn’t be easier. All API calls, traffic and other activities are included in the price. The gridscale object storage pricing model means a significant reduction in your monthly cloud costs.

Simply compatible
The S3 standard guarantees worldwide compatibility and seamless integration with existing applications and SDKs. You can use gridscale object storage for any form of data backup and archiving. All with a simple click in your cloud infrastructure. 

Simply secure
You can distribute your data geo-redundantly in our various European data center locations. The growing network of our locations offers you the opportunity to significantly increase the security of your business-critical data and archiving. 

Easy and simple pricing

All our resources are fully customizable. If you want to learn more, visit our Product Documentation.

Object Storage

per 1 GB

0.05 €/month

<1 ct
per day

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