SSD Cloud Storage

The gridscale cloud storage combines the advantages of high-performance flash storage with the security of distributed storage. This way, SLA-guaranteed IOPS are available to you at any time, while maintaining the highest level of data security across three availability zones. Your advantage: lightning-fast read and write times and maximum protection against data loss. Or in other words: More power, flexibility and security for your business.

Without fixed costs, without contract commitment, without risk.

Advantages at a glance

Automated data backups
Specify the interval at which we back up your data for you. The Backup Center takes care of the rest. Fully automatically and exactly according to your specifications. From regular data replication and high availability to long-term archiving as object storage.

Grows with your needs
gridscale’s cloud storage is completely tailored to your specific business needs. Scale your capacities as you need them and flexibly choose the option that best suits your data. But one thing always remains the same: strictly GDPR-compliant storage in our European data centers.

Clone your cloud storage
Whether for a staging environment or for a spontaneous test – with just one action you can easily clone an existing cloud storage and attach it to a new cloud server. gridscale’s features save you a lot of time working with your infrastructure. Streamline your IT operations now.

Distributed Storage

Our distributed storage is designed for workloads that require data to be highly available. Using our automated recovery and failover mechanisms, your data is replicated across three availability zones within a site ensuring your data is accessible with reliability and performance.

Rocket Storage

Our Rocket Storage is a NVMe-based local data storage. NVMe technology stands for highest data throughput and maximum speed. It is designed for applications that require exceptional I/O performance and low latency. This includes demanding business applications and enterprise workloads as well as highly responsive database systems.

SSD Cloud Storage in action

»Archiving is by definition a long-term and security-oriented topic. Therefore, a cloud provider based in the local legal area and under the German data protection regime was mandatory for us.«

»During my test, I noticed that the support is very professional and helps within a few minutes in case of a problem. This is very important for an operator of several online stores with more than 30 servers in the infrastructure.«

SSD Cloud Storage at a glance

Database Distributed SSD storage in 3 storage classes (Standard, High, Insane)

Powered by enterprise hardware from Intel and Samsung

High data throughput, intelligent load dispatching and peak balancing

Flexible sizing combined with per-minute billing (pay-per-use)

Mapping/automation of customized snapshot and backup plans

Dedicated Rocket Storage based on NVMe storage media

Encrypted data storage in TIER-3 data centers

Provision of PaaS features and fully managed services

Backup center for managing sophisticated security concepts

Optional integration of 3rd party solutions like Acronis

Easy and simple pricing


Use standard for:
· Webserver (S)
· Terminal Server
· E-Commerce-applications (S)
· API-Endpoints

from 2 €/month

10 GB Storage

2 €


Perfect for:
· Web & Cache Services (M)
· Key-Value-Datastore
· Cloud Applications

from 3 €/month

10 GB Storage

3 €


· ERP-Systems like SAP
· PaaS
· Databases

from 4,50 €/month

10 GB Storage

4,50 €

Rocket Storage 🚀

Perfect for:
· Enterprise Applications
· Enterprise Workloads
· Databases
· E-Commerce-Applications (L)

from 1,90 €/month

10 GB Storage

1,90 €


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