High Performance Cloud Servers

Ready within milliseconds

Flexible Resources

Flexible Resources

Freely define CPU cores, RAM and SSD storages for every cloud computing server to reduce your operating costs. Exactly match your infrastructure to your needs.

Realtime Provisioning

Realtime Provisioning

The gridscale platform provides even complex infrastructures in less than five seconds.
This benchmark is unparalleled worldwide. With gridscale, waiting for your infrastructure is a thing of the past. Fast, flexible and reliable.

Accurate Per-Minute Billing

Accurate Per-Minute Billing

The gridscale pricing is simple and transparent. Only resources that are used or reserved exclusively for you are billed per-minute. Just stop your servers if you do not need them. Optimizing your infrastructure costs has never been easier.

Hot-Plug Technology

Hot-Plug Technology

With our innovative hot-plug technology, you can increase the resources of your servers at any time during operation. You do not need to shut down the server or risk interrupting your service.

More about Hot-Plug


If you miss an ISO image, we can provide it to you within seconds thanks to our innovative Smart-ISO technology. We only need name and URL of the ISO image. We take care of everything else.

Cloud Computing made in Germany. Hosted in Germany. Made in Germany. Hosted in Germany.

What else makes our cloud servers unique

  • Private networks Private networks
  • KVM hypervisor KVM hypervisor
  • Running any operating system Running any operating system
  • High-availability zones High-availability zones
  • Legacy mode Legacy mode
  • Auto recovery Auto recovery
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 Native IPv4 and IPv6
  • 100% SLA 100% SLA
  • Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Questions and answers

Features, pricing and other details

Enterprise hardware only

Our infrastructure is build using quality hardware from leading manufacturers such as Supermicro, HP, intel, Juniper or Samsung. We use enterprise hardware that is designed for 24/7/365 operation. That way we ensure highest quality and availability of your IT services.


Every resource is billed per-minute. For every minute that your cloud server is enabled, you will pay a set amount at the end of the month. If your server is switched off, we will not bill RAM and CPU. Our current prices are as follows:

One CPU Core: 0.02 € per hour
One GB of RAM: 0,0045 € per hour

Flexible CPU and RAM

Every gridscale cloud server can flexibly be configured with RAM and CPU. Whether you require one core and a GB of RAM or 40 cores and 240 GB of RAM. On top of that, you can hot-plug additional CPU and RAM without interrupting your service.

Servers located in Germany

Our servers are currently located exclusively at interxion and e-shelter in Frankfurt. Both datacenters are ISO-certified and offer a high degree of security. Of course, all data is stored and processed on our very own hardware – we will never transmit your data to third parties.

No contract obligations

Since there is no minimum contract term and due to our per-minute-billing, you will always be as flexible and agile as possible. No more complicated contracts or long delivery times. With gridscale, any cloud infrastructure imaginable is available to you in almost real-time.