More than just a cloud server

Build even complex server infrastructure in no time with gridscale's intuitive GUI. Benefit from real-time provisioning, private networks, enterprise hardware, advanced security, and many automation features.

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Seamless scalability Seamless scalability

Scale your infrastructure in just a single click with no downtime. You can individually choose the resources you would like to scale: CPU cores, memory or SSD storage. This ensures you have exactly the resources you need.

Real-time provisioning Real-time provisioning

The gridscale platform provides even complex infrastructures in less than five seconds. This benchmark is unparalleled worldwide.

Hot-Plug technology Hot-Plug technology

With our innovative hot-plug technology, you can increase the resources of your server at any time during operation - no need to shut it down or risk interrupting your service.

We make complex cloud technology easily accessible

gridscale stand for high-quality infrastructure spiced up with cutting-edge technology, intuitive handling and flexibility

Made & hosted in Germany

As an independent German GmbH we not only apply very high standards to our product, but also completely adhere to German privacy policies. Working with our colocation partners Interxion and e-shelter, our data centers comply with highest security standards (ISO, PCI, Federal Office for Information Security).

Auto recovery

With auto recovery, you determine whether we will reboot your server automatically if that our algorithms detect potential failures. If enabled, our algorithms continuously compare operational metrics of your VM with past data to understand normal usage-pattern. If something stops working, we can restore the workload autonomously.

Nested Virtualization

Run a virtual machine within one or more other virtual machines. This is particularly useful for quickly creating test environments as exact replicas of the production environment for any number of developers or simulating your own virtualizations.

Hardware profiles

gridscale offers you the choice between various hardware profiles to ensure your applications are running smoothly on our infrastructure. For example, Sophos UTM has special hardware requirements, for which you would pick the according hardware profile.

Enterprise hardware

Our infrastructure is build using quality hardware from leading manufacturers such as Supermicro, HP, intel, Juniper or Samsung, designed for 24/7/365 operation.

Zero Downtime

We are the only company to offer 100% SLAs as we are 100% confident about our technology. We apply deep learning algorithms to analyze any anomalies and prevent failures. Data is stored 3x redundantly and workloads can be split between different availability zones.

Intuitive GUI

Our intuitive interface is user friendliness at its best. We spare you from hundreds of dialog boxes and options, letting the magic happen in the background.

KVM Hypervisor

At gridscale we use KVM as Hypervisor. KVM is the de-facto standard in the virtualization environment and allows us to offer you a smart set of features like live vertical scaling or the compatibility with many standard applications.

Deploy in no-time with gridscale's ISO images & 1-click templates

Benefit from a wide choice of operating systems, including Windows Server, and one-click apps, such as Redmine, WordPress or Plesk

  • Distributions
  • 1-click templates
Bring your own

Use your own ISO-images via our smart-ISO agent. Drop name and location, the rest will be done in seconds.



Arch Linux










WordPress is the world's largest content management system. Over 60 million websites rely on this software. A huge community provides additional features, plugins, and themes that let you create your own website, blog, or online store.



With Plesk Onyx, server management is child's play. All functions of your server are controlled directly from your browser. Create websites, use a variety of plugins and manage your customers. Even Docker and Git support is available via Plesk Onyx. Reason enough for us to provide the market-leading software for server management at gridscale.
More about Plesk



Redmine is an open source web application for agile project management based on the Ruby on Rails framework. Redmine enjoys great popularity worldwide and helps to make projects successful. Create your teams, members and roles, and configure your workflows with just a few clicks. With Redmine, you never lose track of your projects again.

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Load Balancer Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically.

Snapshots & Backups

Create and schedule snapshots. Export them to object storage for backups.

Cloud Server

Build your infrastructure in seconds: real-time deployment, intuitive GUI.

Auto Recovery Auto Recovery

Sensors monitor your infrastructure and can restore a defective workload autonomously.

Time based events Time based events

coming soon

Orchestrate infrastructure

Orchestrate all repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

Auto Recovery Auto Recovery

Sensors monitor your infrastructure and can restore a defective workload autonomously.

Zero Downtime Zero Downtime

Benefit from the highest availability of your services.

Fully managed Fully managed

Let gridscale manage your servers all the way up to the operating system.

Expert knowledge Expert knowledge

Discuss your best infrastructure setup with experts.

Failover IP Failover IP

Easy switch IP addresses between your VMs without complex configurations.

Cloud Firewall Cloud Firewall

Determine which traffic you allow to the inside and outside.

Load Balancer Load Balancer

Distribute incoming traffic to your virtual machines automatically.

Private Networking Private Networking

Create an unlimited number of private networks or breakout networks.

Cloning (coming soon)

Create a development clone of your production service within seconds. (coming soon)

Security Zones Security Zones

Private VMs and Security Zones keep your data safe.

Real-time auto scaling Real-time auto scaling

Our platform scale automatically to provide the best performance.

Fully managed

We take care of installations, operations and patching.

Operating systems Operating systems

Choose between a large number of distributions.

Hot-plug technology

Increase computing resources at any time during operation.

Real-time provisioning Real-time provisioning

Start your servers in less than 5 seconds.

Seamless scalability

Scale cores, memory and storage independently.

Custom Templates Custom Templates

Create custom templates from snapshots to boost your productivity.

Object Storage

Benefit from S3 compatibility and the web bucket explorer.

Snapshots & Backups

Create and schedule snapshots. Export them to object storage for backups.

SSD storage

Choose between different performance classes of SSD storage.

Fully integrated into our API

Pay-as-you-go, per minute!

Never lose track of costs - you only pay for what you use and monitor your costs in our real-time usage report. Scale your infrastructure resources at anytime to deliver the best project possible.

Get the most out of your infrastructure

We have created hundreds of tutorials to get started most easily with building infrastructure with any level of complexity on gridscale. You will also find many more topics in our developer section. Check out more tutorials