News from the machine room – Roadmap 2019

Datum: 13.06.2019

News from the machine room

In this issue of “News from the machine room” we give an outlook on the functions and extensions that we will implement for our platform in the course of the year.
Terraform has been mentioned several times in our tutorials and is known as one of HashiCorps Infrastructure-as-Code tools for cloud automation. We are currently developing a terraform provider for gridscale – currently we are in the review with HashiCorp to join the list of official providers.
Within the framework of this development, a generic Golang client library for working with our API is also being developed.

The Libcloud driver is another ecosystem building block we are currently working on. This Python library abstracts and generalizes access to different cloud providers.

Kubernetes as a standardized method for orchestrating containers and infrastructure will be one of the different variants offered in the future, which will open up our platform to our partners. The high conciseness of this complex of topics was confirmed by discussions with our customers and partners. At present we are working on a Managed Kubernetes solution, which we will give in the course of the second quarter with some of our customers in a feedback loop in the context of the gridscale Labs.

In order to actively involve our customers in the development of new product modules, we will initially publish some innovations in gridscale Labs during the course of the year.

The general release of the Managed Kubernetes solution will then take place in the course of the third quarter.

This year, we will expand our autoscaling platform services with various solution modules and also expand our existing Platform-as-a-Service offerings. In addition to the provision of a file server as a service, a network component, the gridscale Secure Network, is planned to address the need for secure networking of infrastructures and gridscale Smart Monitoring. The gridscale Smart Monitoring should enable the user of our platform to already configure services that will run on this infrastructure when creating IaaS components, so that the user is informed in case of unavailability of these services (e.g. by e-mail). The user should have to configure as little as possible himself. Our gridSQL offer will be extended by a Microsoft SQL Server component in the third quarter.

For our database platform services we will add additional functions for replication and backup. We will aggregate the backups of the platform services as well as further comfort functions relating to the backup of infrastructure components on our platform in a backup center.

We have already taken the first big step with the release of the new Platform Services design at the beginning of April.

Using a new usage dashboard, we will be able to analyze the resources used in the various areas much more precisely in the future.

Our Partner Panel activities will be particularly exciting for our reseller and system house partners. We will present a new Partner Panel in the second quarter. In addition to the user experience, we will integrate various functions into the Partner Panel in the course of the year. This starts with detailed consumption analysis and reporting and will be extended to include e-mail templating, client signups and an audit log.

The Cloud Company Connect product component is primarily exciting for our large customers. We will integrate the already successful Company connect more deeply into the product and expand it into a Cloud Company connect. Using Cloud Company Connect, an individual communication link can be implemented directly to other providers.

Felix Kronlage

Felix Kronlage | COO
As COO Felix is the central point around our products and is responsible that our customers get not only a good but an excellent product. In this role he coordinates between the individual teams and is always at the pulse of time at gridscale.

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