Multi-Project as a new way to infrastructure management

Datum: 19.09.2019

Multi-Project as a new waygridscale offers its customers a new feature to better manage your infrastructure projects. In the course of the optimization work on our panel, we have dealt with how to give our customers a better overview of their existing projects for our customers. As a solution we would like to present you the feature “Multi-Project” in the gridscale panel.

Create Projects – Feature

The new feature is located on the upper menu bar on the right side and is normally set to “default” and contains all your existing infrastructures. First and foremost, the new feature helps you sort your various projects so that you get a more efficient and faster overview. In addition, you have a separate dashboard view for each project. This is especially useful when it comes to resource sorting and budget planning. You can distinguish between project-specific resources such as servers or storage and labels.

Who can use this feature?

All customers who have a gridscale account can create different projects within a few minutes. In each project you can create the required infrastructure according to your individual needs. For example, a direct comparison of resources between the created projects is possible. This feature is particularly important for customers with large infrastructures, as the cost and resource overview for each individual project is delivered quickly.

gridscale-Panel – “Projects”

You can find the feature in the top right corner of the menu bar:

Multi-Project default

You can create a new project using the “Create project” button. Please enter a suitable project name. In this example my project is called “first Project”.

name of the project gridscale

The next step is to add your servers, storage and any resources you may need as usual.

server, storage, network

For the cost overview switch to the Usage Dashboard. If you want to compare different project costs, switch from “first Project” to “default” or to any other project you have previously saved.

Cost Overview Multi Project

Project management gives you the opportunity to delete projects that you no longer need.

Delete Multi project gridscale


The new feature “Create project” brings order into your infrastructures. In addition it helps you to keep track of costs and resources for each project. This makes complexity a thing of the past. Start today and create a project for each project and benefit from the new gridscale feature.

Zhaleh Abdali

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