Release Notes

Keep up to date with important releases



What’s Improved
  • You can now create shutdown events via Cloud Automation.

  • It’s now clearer for our users with trial accounts, exactly what you can do before adding a payment method.

  • Our sign-up and e-mail validation process has been refined for a better user experience.

What’s Fixed
  • Successful requests to increase resource limits are now always honoured when creating new storages.

  • When deleting a snapshot, it wasn’t clear what state it was in. So we’ve cleared it up.


What’s Improved
  • Improved Network creation – Layer 2 security will always be displayed, allowing faster network protection.

  • LoadBalancers – Instructions are even clearer now.

  • Smoother Menu – Navigating to another resource will close the menu automatically.

What’s Fixed
  • Some CAS event selectors were misplaced, so we put them back where they belong.


What’s Fixed
  • In certain situations, Hot-Plugging cores was prevented due to a bug.


What’s Fixed
  • Tenant pricing was (vary rarely) calculated wrong.


What’s Improved
  • Editing firewall rules has now been standardized between the Easy and Expert Panel, simplifying the process of switching between panels.


What’s Improved
  • Along with a link to our release notes, we’ve improved the User Menu in your Easy Panel with new icons and a clearer layout.

What’s Fixed
  • All your IP addresses will now be displayed when editing Firewalls.



What’s New
  • Cloud Automation is now in open BETA, and available to all clients. You can now Autonomously inform team members or external tools if anything changes in your infrastructure.

  • We’ve just rolled out our PaaS-Services, which are now in open BETA. Find out more here


What’s Improved
  • With our expansion internationally, we’re happy to announce our Easy Panel is now completely translated to English – Expert Panel to follow

What’s Fixed
  • Focusing the search field with the menu open would cause the drop-down to appear below the navigation, making it overlap.


What’s Improved
  • With so many cool new features being released, we ran out of space in your menu. Well, it’s now customizable, so pick and choose what menu items you want to see, when you want to see them.

  • What’s the point of a bucket if you can’t access it easily – Files in your buckets are now accessible when adding Marketplace Templates.

  • You can now generate Signed URLs directly from the Object Storage Explorer.

  • In addition to power off, the “ACPI shutdown” command can now be used to shutdown your servers safely.

  • We have added a number of different hardware profiles for your servers – Nested, Cisco CSR, Sophos UTM, F5 BigIp and Q35 Chipset. This give you increased flexibility, allowing you to react faster to your requirements.


What’s Fixed
  • You may have seen different values for your ISO-Images than expected, it was only visual, but it’s fixed now.


What’s Fixed
  • Sometimes, downsizing Storage would trigger an unnecessary warning message.



What’s Fixed
  • Entering numbers while using Firefox didn’t always work, now it does.

  • For those whose IP addresses got deleted when editing a server, sorry. It won’t happen again.


What’s Improved
  • For those wondering how much storage types were costing them, they’re now viewable in your usage overview.

What’s Fixed
  • Seeing the correct calculations for templates on your Usage was a hit-or-miss.



What’s New
  • We’ve extended our API to support billing – allowing you to clearly see expenses on your side.

What’s Improved
  • Sometimes it could be months before you received an invoice, so for transparency, we added an automated and more frequent email – to keep you informed about your usages at gridscale.

What’s Fixed
  • Creating a new storage from a saved template didn’t always work.

  • For the experts – your server list would sometime appear in a random order, sorry about that.


What’s Fixed
  • Toggling the default Server Boot Device, now actually toggles it.


What’s Fixed
  • Updating Firewall rules won’t disappear anymore upon being saved.


What’s Fixed
  • Sometimes, invoices and detailed usage reports weren’t generated correctly, but not anymore.



What’s New
  • You can now export Storage Snapshots to your object storage – allowing you to download and replicate your infrastructure anywhere.

  • The watchdog process now works faster on our Load Balancers.


What’s New
  • Marketplace – you can now easily deploy 3rd party software from gridscale template providers.


What’s Improved
  • You can now filter and download your Audit Logs in .csv format.