gridscale’s smart cloud computing for startups

No upfront invest, immediate deployment and no fixed contract durations - this how we support startups with our cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solution

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We love startups

We got started as part of the startup community so we understand the challenges and what it takes to launch and scale a company firsthand. That's why we are supporting the next generation of startups in getting your products off the ground. With our Startup program we support you as you launch and scale. This includes discounted access to gridscale, technical consultation and an opportunity to connect with other startups, accelerators, and investors. We want you to be able to focus on your business and not having to deal with complex infrastructure. gridscale grows with you.

With gridscale, you can get cracking in no time

Our startup program

We are happy to offer you 2 days of infrastructure consulting worth €2,500, up to three managed services (e.g. managing your web server, database server, etc.) worth up to €1,800 in the first year, as well as 20% discount in the first and 10% in the second year on your infrastructure (up to 700€).

Full flexibility

No contract terms, per-minute billing, real-time cost overview: That’s a good start. Letting our infrastructure grow with your business on your way to being a unicorn, even better! Increase server capacities at the push of a button, switch them off again when needed and pay only for the resources used.

Easy to use

Our intuitive interface is user friendliness at its best. We spare you from hundreds of dialog boxes and options, letting the magic happen in the background, so there is no need for you to hire expensive sysadmins. Use your scarce time most efficiently for your core business.

Our technology solves problems for you

Be treated at eye level

We don’t differentiate between anyone contacting our support, which means that the same experts will help you that help big companies. And we can even go a step further: If you pitch us your business we can do common PR. One hand washes the other!

Real IaaS

gridscale is like setting up real infrastructure in a real data center. That means that you can also realize more complex infrastructure rather than relying on a single Virtual Machine - for almost half the cost of the big players.

Newest Technologies

At gridscale you get access to the most modern cloud technology: Machine learning Infrastructure, state-of-the art web frameworks, and many more. Whether you use us for production our to test new software: It depends on you.

1-click templates

At gridscale, we help you to hit the ground running. We do not only provide you with many 1-click templates for common software, but you can also create a template from your own setup in just a click for full productivity in your next project.