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gridscale is expert in developing professional cloud infrastructure and PaaS. Our state-of-the-art technology enables an unprecedented stability of our architecture. Together with our strong focus on security, gridscale is the perfect solution for enterprises.

Why gridscale? - find out more.
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Why gridscale is made for enterprises

Accompanying many projects, our experts at gridscale have gained deep insights into the processes and challenges of small and medium enterprises. Developing gridscale, we addressed the most critical concerns: security, data privacy, performance, deployment models, German-speaking support, and many more.

We even went a step further: We build state-of-the-art technology that stands for intelligent deep learning algorithms and the most intuitive user experience. Now your DevOps have the time again to focus on what’s critical.

We are proud that our solution has already won various awards demonstrating the fit-for-purpse for enterprises.

The cornerstone of gridscale is security

Made and hosted in Germany

As an independent German GmbH we not only apply very high standards to our product, but also completely adhere to German privacy policies.

Highest security standards

Working with our colocation partners Interxion and e-shelter, our data centers comply with highest security standards (ISO). Our technology equally reflects this principle: Each storage and private network is individually encrypted.

Seamless integration with your company IT

With gridscale‘s Private Datalink, the cloud infrastructure can be transparently and securely linked to existing company IT. Sensitive data is exchanged exclusively via secure, non-public data lines.

Performance, stability and support are the basis of gridscale

Infrastructure Stability

We are the only company to offer 100% SLAs as we are 100% confident about our technology. We apply deep learning algorithms to analyze any anomalies and prevent failures. Data is stored 3x redundantly and workloads can be split between different availability zones. The exclusive use of enterprise hardware is the icing on the cake.

Seamless scalability

Scale your infrastructure in just a single click with no downtime. You can individually choose the resources you would like to scale: CPU cores, memory or SSD storage. This ensures you to have exactly the resources you need, independent of the application you would like to run on gridscale.

Full transparency

At gridscale, we appreciate transparency. Hence, you will find real-time information on your accumulated costs, broken down to the minute! We inform you proactively about new features and releases. And an overview of the current platform status and any recent issues are always at hand.

Expert support

With our credo to make very complex technology easily available, we have created the most intuitive UX in the market. However, questions can always come up. With decades of experience in the hosting industry, our experts are happy to offer you the best advice possible on an eye-to-eye level.

Managing multiple cost centers

If our public cloud solution is not enough for your enterprise, e.g. because you have to manage multiple groups along with their access rights and cost centers, our Partner Panel could be what you have been looking for. Centrally manage all infrastructure-related projects. Read more

Managed Public Cloud

Do you want to be free of dealing with your infrastructure operations and monitoring uptime or performance? Take a look at our Managed Public Cloud solution, as we can do it for you! We take care of everything all the way up to the operating system. Read more

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