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gridscale is an expert in developing professional cloud infrastructure and platform services. Our state-of-the-art technology stands for unprecedented performance, flexibility, and lets you use it together with any common eCommerce platform

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Why gridscale is the best eCommerce hosting solution for your online shop

When you do E-commerce, you want to be flexible and equipped for various situations: sudden influxes to your website due to campaigns, seasonal fluctuations, and many more. You also want to make sure, the infrastructure is up and running at all times: Customers that have to wait are lost customers.

This is why we designed gridscale to provide you with the ultimate performance as well as allowing you to scale your cloud infrastructure at the push of a button. By applying PAYG, you only get charged for what you actually use - to the minute!

Runs with all common eCommerce solutions

You can run all common eCommerce solutions, such as OXID, Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce or Intershop on gridscale.

Supreme performance

Never lose a customer again due to a slow or unresponsive online shop! Our servers are provisioned and can be scaled real-time. Benefit from dedicated resources and enterprise hardware that boost your performance.

Expert support

We have created the most intuitive UX in the market. However, questions can always come up. We provide you with technical presales and are also there for you when you are gearing up for your next big campaign.

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Full flexibility

No contract terms, per-minute billing and cost overview: This is flexibility. Are you running a campaign or getting prepared for the Christmas Season? Our infrastructure grows with your business: Increase your server capacities at the push of a button, switch them off again and pay only for the resources used.

Seamless scalability

Scale your infrastructure in just a single click with no downtime. You can individually choose the resources you would like to scale: CPU cores, memory or SSD storage. This ensures you to have exactly the resources you need.

Reinvented DBaaS

We do the heavy lifting when it comes to fully managing your databases: installations, operations, and patching. Our platform services come with another amazing feature: Cores and SSD storage scale dynamically depending on your workload - never worry about performance again.

Seamless integration

Our IaaS and PaaS are fully integrated, accessible via the RESTful API or panel, and open - so: no vendor lock-ins using gridscale. By the way: Our GUI is user friendliness at its best. We spare you from hundreds of dialog boxes and options, letting the magic happen in the background.

Made and hosted in Germany

As an independent German GmbH we not only apply very high standards to our product, but also completely adhere to German privacy policies. Working with our colocation partners Interxion and e-shelter, our data centers comply with highest security standards (ISO).
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Managed Public Cloud

Do you want to be free of dealing with your infrastructure operations and monitoring uptime or performance? Take a look at our Managed Public Cloud solution, as we can do it for you! We take care of everything all the way up to the operating system.
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