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As passionate problem solvers, we strive to create innovative cloud architecture that helps you to simplify and automate your processes. You will be surprised how fast you can hit the ground running using gridscale.

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Why gridscale’s cloud solution is made for developers and DevOps

At gridscale, we help you to maximize your development pace by always thinking a step ahead. Our services are not only fully integrated, but also outstandingly intelligent. We believe in full automation and design features that let you focus on creating your masterpiece of codework rather than focusing on your infrastructure.

Why is that? Not only are we developers ourselves, but we have seen in the past how tedious processes can prevent agile development. We have built our IaaS and PaaS by combining the best software available in the market with our unique algorithms. Not only does that make our own development super fast, but it also brings out amazing features like real-time autoscaling PaaS or cloud automation services.

The perfect combination of smart AND fast

Unreal performance

Don’t wait any longer until your servers are provisioned: With gridscale, your infrastructure is up and running in real-time and you can start working in seconds. Benefit from dedicated resources and enterprise hardware that boost your performance.

Saving time with smart features

Taking a snapshot of your server just one second before an update? Not forgetting snapshots anymore by using a scheduler? Doing a backup by exporting in one click to object storage? Makes complete sense! We always try to make your life easier.

Reinvented PaaS

Not only are our smart PaaS fully managed, us taking care of installations, operations, and patching. Also, you never have to worry about performance or selecting packages again. We built in real-time auto scaling for cores and storage.
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Features that make you truly agile

Full flexibility

No contract terms, per-minute billing, real-time cost overview - but that’s not all. Looking at our technology, you can scale computing resources, such as cores, memory and storage, independently while the server is running. This is just what a dev environment needs.

1-click templates

At gridscale, we help you to hit the ground running. We do not only provide you with many 1-click templates for common software, but you can also create a template from your own setup in just a click for full productivity in your next project.

Seamless integration

Our IaaS and PaaS are fully integrated, accessible via the RESTful API or panel, and open - so: no vendor lock-ins using gridscale. By the way: Our GUI is user friendliness at its best. We spare you from hundreds of dialog boxes and options, letting the magic happen in the background.

Full IPv6 support

Especially when submitting mobile apps to the App Store, these must support IPv6-only networking. gridscale not only supports IPv6, but IPv6 addresses don’t cost you a cent.

Nested virtualization

Run a virtual machine within one or more other virtual machines. This is particularly useful for quickly creating test environments as exact replicas of the production environment for any number of developers or simulating your own virtualizations.

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