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The Crisp Vendor Universe gives you an overview of relevant technologies, fields of action and providers in the cloud computing market. In the category Cloud Platforms - IaaS & PaaS - the Crisp analysts have named gridscale an innovator among vendors such as Digital Ocean, Google and AWS.

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What's in the Crisp Vendor Universe?

Discover what makes gridscale a thought leader in cloud computing services, what ideas and technologies drive us forward and what differentiates us as an innovator. You'll also find out where we're going and what trends are driving the cloud computing market.

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For whom is the Crisp Vendor Universe intended?

The Crisp Vendor Universe is directed towards everyone who is interested in valuable information on the current market situation and development in the cloud computing environment. It offers CIOs, CTOs and other IT decision-makers help to identify relevant vendors and service providers in this environment.

The cloud services of gridscale are an excellent alternative to the platforms of the large providers. On the one hand, with gridscale as the provider, you have easy access to the public cloud and, on the other hand, you can also use the powerful IT infrastructures with high data protection requirements. In addition, the company develops intensively on its own features for automated infrastructure management, especially with regard to autoscaling. Successful projects together with service providers using gridscales white label solution show, that the platform is a relevant alternative to the offers of the market leaders.

Maximilian Hille, Senior Analyst & Mobile Practice Lead, Crisp Research AG.

Innovator in the Crisp Vendor Universe

According to Crisp Report, an "innovator" is characterized by an attractive portfolio and a high level of technological competence. We are very pleased that the innovation and growth potential of the gridscale products and services is rated as particularly high.

Crisp analysed a total of 21 providers in the IaaS and PaaS area. The evaluation was based on scoring according to a total of 10 sub-criteria, which were viewed in relation to the respective main category and gave an assessment of the maturity of the technology ("Product/Service Value Creation") and the strength of the provider in the market ("Vendor Performance"). As a result, the Crisp Research Vendor Universe Quadrant contains four classifications into which the providers were divided.

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gridscale - strong partner for agencies and system houses

Cause the way we work allows a lot of innovation.

One of gridscale's recipes for success is the close cooperation with agencies and system houses. In numerous projects we have developed a feeling for the dynamic requirements of our customers. With our multi-client-capable partner solution, we offer an optimal answer to the challenges our clients face today. The active exchange flows intensively into the development and advancement of new features. In this context, Crisp particularly emphasizes our development in the area of automated infrastructure management as well as our autoscaling features.