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Panel Redesign

We’ve refreshed the interfaces of our Managed Platform Services, gridStore and gridSQL. Along with offering a brief overview of what you can perform within each section, we’ve attached the relevant tutorial links and the product documentation.

We also plan to systematically update the panel sections in order to further unify our interface.

VNC Console

To make it easier for you to work with the interface, we’ve made several improvements to the remote sWe updated the VNC Console as part of our efforts to offer a smoother user experience. We’ve made several improvements to the server remote console. You can now easily perform a paste operation by using Ctrl+Shift+V, which opens up an easy-to-use paste box. In addition to improved screen resolutions and autoscaling, the fullscreen mode handles the floating toolbar in a better fashion.

SSL Certificates

We’ve added a new section within the Expert Panel which enables you to manage your SSL Certificates. You can add your private and public keys, the SSL Certificate Chain (an optional field) and upload PEM files, all within the Panel itself. This will be coming to the Easy Panel too within the next few months, but only once all of the new unified interface changes mentioned before have been rolled out.


We’ve improved the Network Expert Panel allowing you to configure several advanced options including configuring and excluding IP ranges as well as setting gateway and DNS addresses. These advanced options will also be available for Virtual Switches very soon, allowing you to use private networks across projects with DHCP enabled.

GSK – Managed Kubernetes

The latest 1.21 version is now the default option specified while creating a new cluster. If you’re still running an older version of Kubernetes, we’d recommend taking advantage of our improved upgrade cycle in order to ensure a secure and stable Kubernetes experience.

Feel free to go through the gridscale Product Documentation if you wish to learn more about Kubernetes and the upgrade process.

Partner Panel

The Partner Panel received many small changes that now allow you to see deleted accounts (previously “tenants”), create and assign new users while creating accounts. The accounts detail view now contains a new field allowing you to enter remarks for each account. You can also now utilise the account lock functionality, which means that locking a account prevents all logins to that account. We’ve also implemented readability improvements within price lists.

We have also reworked the Partner Menu, splitting the items logically between what configuration belongs to the partner alone and which affects your accounts.

Partner API

We’ve added a new endpoint to create accounts. You can now use the batch endpoint to create accounts and assign default values from your partner configuration to certain account-related fields.

The contract endpoint’s GET response has been extended to include the contract owner’s UUID and email. We’ve also extended the Users endpoint to include the relation field.

Contract Management API

We have completed the improvement and revision of the contract management API. GET requests and price lists can now be displayed sorted by default. We added a function to reset values in price lists. The deletion process for price lists now includes marking the list as to be deleted, which occurs after a forty-day waiting period. Furthermore, changing the default template has been optimized and is much faster.


The Severalnines team have updated their ClusterControl application to v1.9.0. We’d recommend reading their blog to keep track of all the new features, fixes and improvements.

If you’re interested in learning more about the gridscale Marketplace and hosting your own application, you can read more here.

Github Ecosystem

We’ve updated our Terraform provider to v1.13.0 of our provider, adding support for private network DHCP configurations.

Our Go-based API Client gsclient-go was updated to v3.7.0 supporting additional DHCP features. We’ve also extended the godoc documentation for the same.

The JS-based API Client gsclient-js saw an update to v1.2.4 featuring gridscale API updates and missing build fixes.

We also updated our Python-based API Client to v1.1.5 featuring several additions to manage certificates, projects, and contracts along with some miscellaneous fixes.

We also released v0.11.0 of our command line interface gscloud, featuring improved template handling along with bug fixes. The gscloud package for FreeBSD now supports this latest updated version.

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