New release – gridscale Marketplace 2.0

Datum: 23.06.2020

marketplace release gridscaleWe are happy to inform you about our latest release: We have completely redesigned our marketplace and now offer you the opportunity to become an application provider in no time.

In our previous marketplace, we have provided various applications for our customers, for example Jitsi Meet, Redmine or Plesk. What’s new now? We are expanding your options with our new marketplace! From now on you can create and publish applications yourself.

Your advantage as a gridscale partner is not limited to providing your applications via our marketplace. Within your partner universe, you now have full control over the creation and review of your application. This means that you can easily provide your clients with a customized set of applications and manage them efficiently.

Provision and use

The new marketplace is divided into two main functions: provision and application of applications. It is provided by a software provider (ISV and / or gridscale partner), the use is of course open to every customer.

Provision by provider

Every gridscale customer can become a provider with the marketplace. The creation of new marketplace applications is easy and convenient thanks to the integration in the gridscale panel and the connection to the object storage.

Providers can reach more users through our marketplace, increase the acceptance of their apps and ultimately, of course, also generate more sales. Of course, this also applies to software manufacturers who can also integrate the software that they make available to their customers as an application in the gridscale marketplace.

Publishing applications

But the new marketplace is also attractive for customers who are not or do not want to become a provider! You now have a larger selection of apps available and you have to create fewer applications yourself. What remains the same, of course, is that you can also start the new applications with just a few clicks.

How to: Create a new application

Our new marketplace offers you the possibility to create and use applications. The process for creating new applications can be explained in three simple steps.

Take a snapshot

First you have to export a snapshot of a storage that you want to replicate easily in the future. The snapshot created is of course private at the beginning.

Create an app

Then navigate to the marketplace in the Expert Panel, click on “Create app” and enter all the necessary data (including the S3 path to the exported snapshot). To publish the app, simply write us an email to after you have created it.

Publish the app

After we have activated your account for the publication, you can publish your application. After publication, we check the app briefly and then make it available in the marketplace, where you can see it in the marketplace catalog. Of course, you can withdraw the publication at any time later.

A marketplace for everyone

Our newly designed marketplace offers partners, providers and users alike advantages. On the one hand, partners can become providers themselves and, on the other, have full control over the applications available to their clients within their partner universe.

Providers now have the option of simply making their applications available and thus increasing the number of users, acceptance and sales in equal measure. Users now have a larger selection of easy-to-manage applications without their own development effort.

Nicolas Tuschen

Nicolas Tuschen | Senior Online Marketing Manager
Nico is Online Marketing Manager with focus on SEO and is responsible for (organic) online marketing at gridscale. At the same time, he is a good example of the fact that by studying literature one can not just become a taxi driver. He discovered his passion for SEO by chance, but since then has consistently expanded it: from startup, agency to publisher, from B2B to B2C, from offpage to onpage.

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