News from the machine room – January 2019

Datum: 18.02.2019

News from the Machine room

We started the year 2019 with a big release – after intensive development time we rolled out our new Identity- and Access-Management.

Identity- und Access-Management

With our new identity and access management, we have created the basis for many new functions on our platform. In particular, users of our multi-client-capable partner panel can already enjoy the first new functions. Users can now be assigned any number of clients.

User Directory

Another new feature we already rolled out last week – our user directory in the partner panel. With the user directory, our partners can conveniently keep track of their clients’ users, manage them and create relations.

New Documentation of our API

Recently the new version of our API Documentation is online. For our API documentation we switched from slate to ReDoc. The documentation is now automatically generated from our OpenAPI description (also known as Swagger). The conversion to OpenAPI is based on our efforts to establish an established standard in the documentation form of APIs. Furthermore, the entire provisioning process around our documentation will be automated – making it more up-to-date and less error-prone.

Feature-Adjustment Expert Panel – S3 Browser

Our frontend team took care of the S3 browser in the Expert Panel and completely revised it. The S3 browser in the Expert Panel now offers the same functions as in the Easy Panel (Drag & Drop). The upload of objects into the Object Storage is done automatically in the background.

Constant Improvements of our Panels – User-Experience for the win!

The user experience on our platform is very important to us – if you look at our Release Notes, you can see the many small, constant works of our frontend team. The result pleases me from week to week – especially supposed little things like the fact that you can switch between Easy- and Expert-Panels at any place in the panel and you always end up at the same place in the panel make the daily work with our frontend a real pleasure.

Terraform Provider

With some of our customers we have already started the feedback process for gridscale as a terraform provider.Terraform is the de-facto standard for mapping Infrastructure-as-Code. With the first version of the gridscale terraform provider we now offer the possibility to orchestrate our platform via terraform.

Last, but certainly not least – Ruby library fog-gridscale, as well as foreman-gridscale, are now also availabe via

Felix Kronlage

Felix Kronlage | COO
As COO Felix is the central point around our products and is responsible that our customers get not only a good but an excellent product. In this role he coordinates between the individual teams and is always at the pulse of time at gridscale.

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