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In the “News from the machine room” article series, we regularly post content detailing exciting new products and relevant updates to our wide range of offerings. Would you like to try out for yourself what we write about here? Simply create a free account.

Management API

We’ve released a new Management API centered around partner, contract and price management. Along with contract and partner overviews, the API allows you to query pricing, payment and billing for your contracts enabling you to manage your price lists and assign them to your contracts. We recommend using this new API at the earliest as the price endpoint and responses within our current partner API is planned to be deprecated in the near future.


We’re happy to announce that Severalnines has added their product ClusterControl to our Marketplace! The app allows you to manage the entire database lifecycle through a unified console, which you can read more about within their documentation. Partners have the option to enable access to the application to their tenants by toggling the enable switch within the Partner Panel.

Rocket Storage (Labs)

We’ve been listening to your feedback on our blazing fast Rocket Storage offering, which is still currently in the Labs phase. In addition to several improvements to this local storage solution, we’ve upgraded the maximum capacity to 6000 GB allowing you to run larger workloads to meet your requirements. We’re also looking forward to releasing Rocket Storage as well as Microsoft SQL Server 2019 out of the Labs phase soon.

PaaS – gridSQL

As part of our efforts to improve the stability and performance of our Managed Services, we’ve upgraded the MariaDB database service to the latest 10.3 version.

ISO Images

We’ve also updated the OPNsense firewall and routing platform image to version 21.1. Improvements have been made to firewall and NAT categories, traffic graphs supporting IPv6, intrusion detection management policies, as well as with UEFI support.


We’ve now updated the invoices listed within the Panel to be sorted chronologically. This means that your invoices are now sorted by date, with the latest one listed at the beginning.

Github Ecosystem

During the course of the past month, gridscale’s in-house tools and libraries, intended to optimize and simplify workflows, underwent several updates.

Our Go-based gridscale API client, gsclient-go has been updated to v3.4.0. The client facilitates an application to interact with the gridscale Cloud Platform and allows you to create and manage resources. This release involved additions to the event and PaaS template properties.

As part of our efforts to ensure uniformity, we’ve renamed our Node.js API client to gsclient-js, currently updated to v1.0.13. This month’s updates involved improved error handling, cleaning the unnecessary package files, getting rid of gulp for compilation along with some security fixes.

gridscale’s Terraform Provider has also been updated to v1.8.3. If you’re interested in exploring some examples you can visit this link. Updates from this month include fixes for some PaaS service template inconsistencies along with patching up run time issues associated with backup and snapshot scheduling.

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