Hasenkamp is the new CEO of gridscale

vom 01.12.2016

gridscale appoints Henrik Hasenkamp as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

gridscale, provider of the world's easiest IaaS solution, has appointed co-founder Henrik Hasenkamp (33) as CEO of the company. Henrik Hasenkamp is responsible for the strategic direction of the IaaS and PaaS provider. In addition, he assumes responsibility for investor relations.

Henrik Hasenkamp, Geschäftsführer von gridscale
Henrik Hasenkamp, CEO gridscale

Henrik Hasenkamp founded gridscale in 2014 together with Michael Balser and Torsten Urbas, but has hitherto kept out of the company's operations. "As founder, I was never far away from the team. But it makes a big difference to experience everything closely and invest every minute of my time in the success of gridscale. I'm looking forward to working with my friends and the great team to shape gridscale's future"., says Hasenkamp.

Henrik Hasenkamp was most recently brand managing director at Host Europe Group, where he was responsible for the former intergenia brands server4you and serverloft. Hasenkamp managed the post-merger integration of intergenia’s mass market business into Host Europe and implemented a new brand strategy.

Hasenkamp began his career in the hosting market at PlusServer AG in 2003, where he occupied numerous positions and worked directly for the board for almost a decade. After his time at PlusServer AG, Hasenkamp first switched to Berlin and later to Frankfurt, where he brought his hosting expertise to Vodafone’s new business division "Cloud & Hosting Germany".

Kristin Müller, investment manager at the High-Tech Gründerfonds, Germany: "We have gotten to know Henrik as a very dedicated and determined person. The extensive experience in the hosting business can clearly be felt among the founders.“

About gridscale GmbH:

gridscale is the world’s easiest IaaS solution and depicts the way into the next generation of cloud computing.

The highly automated architecture enables gridscale’s B2B and B2C customers to choose between a variety of options with regards to IaaS components (e.g. virtual cloud server, storage, network resources) and complementary PaaS components (e.g. loadbalancer, firewall, S3 solutions).

gridscale was not only developed for developers by developers, but can also be integrated seamlessly into corporate and system processes. This is especially important in a world in which data complexity and volumes are exponentially rising. Customers can now focus on their core competencies instead of focusing on their cloud infrastructure.

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