The Usage Dashboard – Revitalized!

Datum: 14.10.2019

Neues Usage DashboardWe revamped the Usage Dashboard – which consisted of a simple table list view of your resources, which wasn’t flexible at all when it came down to date ranges. Our goal with this redesign was to enable viewing your infrastructure usage in the most simple and transparent way possible – while still providing the full power you expect at gridscale.

Let me introduce the revitalized Usage Dashboard:

Key improvements

  1. Customizable date range
  2. Go back in time – flexibly view and analyse your usage data.

  3. Graphs
  4. Get a better overview at a glance – plus, everybody loves graphs.

  5. Filtering
  6. Reduce the clutter – view single resources at a time and remove deleted objects from view.

  7. Predictable invoicing
  8. We’ll take a look at your current running costs and show you what the end of the week/month could look like.

    Let’s take a look around the filtered category view:

    1. Select the resource category you would like to view.
    2. At a glance, view individual object costs.
    3. View related object properties, see why a resource costs what.

    You can take a look around yourself Expert Panel Usage Board – you’ll find a few more handy options like the current price since your last invoice, and your last invoice available to view and download from the Usage Dashboard. Have fun digging in!

    Good to know:

    1. The new Usage Dashboard is a power user feature, so navigate to the Expert Panel to get started
    2. Account usage limits have been moved to billing
    3. Usage is split by project, navigate to the project you want to analyse first, then it’s usage dashboard.

    Marc Harriss

    Marc Harriss | Head of Product
    As gridscales Head of Product, Marc works closely on product processes and maximising the value of the product from working with the Development teams. He works with the philosophy of "develop products as a customer" in mind, has a passion for software and how things work. With a professional background in I.T. and Logistics management in the startup scene, Marc is used to working with fast paced, interdisciplinary teams, to move things forward.

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