System houses and the cloud: Criteria for Whitelabel Solutions

Datum: 04.07.2019

Systemhouses Whitelabel

System houses and the cloud:
Criteria for Whitelabel Solutions

As a system house, you offer your customers complete, ready-to-use IT solutions comprising software and hardware. But what if this complete solution no longer feels complete for your customers and they, for example, want a cloud-based infrastructure in keeping with the times?

A white label solution can be a suitable solution for many system houses. A technology supplier supplies the necessary hardware and software, but takes a back seat so that you can sell the new offer to the customers with your own offer. Whitelabels are very flexible solutions that can be adapted to the requirements of the respective system house.

With the gridscale Partner Panel we offer you a whitelabel solution. This means that you can use our cloud to extend your offering to your customers with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform Services. The new offer receives your label, gridscale as platform operator and technology supplier does not appear for the end customer.

Your advantages:

  • An uncomplicated and at the same time service-oriented extension of your offer for your customers.
  • Because the solution runs under your label, you expand your expertise externally.
  • A larger range of products and services opens up a larger circle of customers for you and contributes to the growth of your company.

Tip: We also have a for you on our gridscale Partner Panel. Here we will show you all the possibilities of our whitelabel solution, with which you can become a cloud provider.

White label solution vs. private cloud infrastructure

An innovative and highly functional cloud infrastructure needs technical and personnel resources that require high investments. Not every company has its own cloud infrastructure to cover its costs, so a white label solution can be an alternative.

gridscale’s white label solutions are innovative and can be customized. So you can tailor your IaaS offering to your customers and work cost-effectively at the same time. You determine the prices for your service to the customer yourself. We also work according to the pay-as-you-go principle. You only pay for the services your customers currently need, instead of burdening yourself with an inflexible contract and payment in advance.

With the technology stack, you can upgrade your own technology without having to make this big investment. Especially if your company is growing, this is a good solution to quickly reach a wider customer base.

gridscale Cloud Solution
The disadvantage of a white label solution compared to a comprehensive in-house solution is the necessary further processing of data. The provisions of the DSGVO must be fulfilled, which makes it particularly important to use a provider within the EU. This is of course the case with the gridscale solution. In our data protection center you will find the most important paragraphs explained in an understandable way.

Delegate advice on cloud computing

System houses face various challenges in cloud computing. This begins with the question of which provision model is the most suitable for the system house’s customer. Public, private or hybrid? The system house is responsible for the precise clarification of these issues. Once the system house has decided on a white label solution, however, the infrastructure provider can also carry out the reconnaissance on behalf of the system house. The advantage: the depth information is transmitted correctly and the burden on the system house is reduced.

IaaS makes sense when demand fluctuates

The advantage of a white label solution becomes even clearer when the demand from customers at the system houses fluctuates. It would not always be economical to immediately retrofit the system with the appropriate hardware in-house. Especially not if many customers have different requirements. Here, system houses can rely on IaaS offerings from cloud computing providers in order to cover costs and at the same time work flexibly. If demand drops, your costs will automatically also fall as you consume fewer resources with your cloud hosting partner. Even peak times for requests can be quickly and easily absorbed without you having to let customers go because of a lack of capacity.

IaaS demand fluctuatesIaaS fluctuating demand a white label solution with gridscale has the individual advantage that with our Pay-as-you-go CPU and Ram you only pay when the IaaS component is on. If the component is off, you only pay for the occupied storage. This low-cost payment option sets us apart from other competitors and is also a good solution for public clouds.

Plus, our autoscaling PaaS component automatically adjusts to the number of actual calls, so you only pay for the resources you need. Transparent cost planning improves scalability, ensuring the future and growth of your business.

Added value and offer for your customers

It is important to us to always find innovative solutions and to adapt to the market so that your system house can always offer the best service to your customers with our white label solution. For example, you have the opportunity to add our services to your own IaaS offering. In addition, our Partner Panel gives you a better overview of all your customers and thus saves time in your internal processes.

Advantages of our Partner Panel:

  • Control all administrative processes centrally and with ease of use.
  • The gridscale pricing templates allow you to set individual prices for your respective customers.
  • Keep track of new releases and features.
  • Activate individual features for individual customers and adapt the white label solution to the contracts with your customers. In this way, you can make arrangements with customers much more individually.

Keep in mind: A larger and more flexible offer always means that you address a wider circle of customers. Customers with few requirements don’t feel overwhelmed by a too expensive, because too extensive, offer if they can buy it in small packages according to their needs. Larger customers with high demands will also be satisfied by an additional offer and thus increase the profit of your system house.

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