State of emergency for EVRGREEN

Datum: 24.08.2016

We successfully prepared the online shop of EVRGREEN together with YAY! Digital – an extremely cool start-up – for the TV broadcast of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German “Shark Tank” equivalent).

To those who don’t know EVRGREEN yet: The online garden center promises to give everyone a green thumb. According to their slogan “Pflanz dich glücklich” (English: plant yourself happy), the two founders Jan Nieling and Philip Ehlers were part of the show on  August 23, 2016. They were willing to swap 20 percent of the company shares for Euros 500,000 investment.

The founders were aware of the fact that this would not be an easy ride, so they prepared in-depth for the big day. During the TV broadcast of the show there is usually an extreme run on the websites of the startups. In the end, millions of viewers are curious about the people behind the idea and about the offered products.

In order to avoid a collapse of the web servers, we operated the infrastructure together with YAY! Digital GmbH. The ambitious way in which YAY! managed the project is a credit to their experience and high level of professionalism. Of course, the involvement of a true expert for scalable server and cloud infrastructure remained indispensable. 🙂

We are happy that all went well last night from the technical point of view. The infrastructure has easily withstood an audience of millions, and thousands of orders have been successfully processed during the TV broadcast.

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