Platform Services in a new look!

Datum: 27.05.2019

Platform Services in a new look

Since our product update at the beginning of April, our Platform Services have appeared in a new look.

The fact that we delivered an important building block for our customers last year with the development of our auto-scaling Platform Services shows us the adaptation and the positive feedback we receive regularly. With the current update, our Platform Services, currently divided into gridSQL and gridStore, are now also available in the Expert Panel. At the same time, with the new structure and presentation of the Platform Services, we have laid the foundation for a series of solution modules that we will be providing in the course of the year. As part of this product update, we have now also made MariaDB available as a further option in the gridSQL stack.

Our eCommerce customers like to rely on the databases of our Platform Services to provide scalable online shops. Whether background noise or user rush as a result of seasonality or marketing campaigns: the Platform Services automatically adapt to usage and ensure that enough resources are available at all times.

The goal of our Platform Services is to provide convenient building blocks for the realization of projects. The requirements of our customers are very different. We want to offer the same “wow” effect to everyone, the occasional user looking for a quick solution as well as the expert with the desire for detailed settings, when using Platform Services. It is important to us that the Platform Services not only functionally meet the requirements of our customers, but also offer a great user experience and it is fun to work with them in our panels.

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